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This blog includes 52 Stories in 52 Weeks, which was done in 2007, along with some metaphysical or life lectures. There is artwork and videos, too. I started writing and drawing with two hands around the year 2001 as a mental and brain development experiment on my own brain to restructure my brain's neurons, etc. again. Simply put, using two hands to write and draw forces both sides of the brain to connect together, to become a holistic, stronger, improved brain. I hope you enjoy my blog.

Monday, November 5, 2018

This is the Upside Up Drawing of the SAME face I posted on November 2nd, 2018 that I drew upside down. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

This is the Upside Up Drawing of the SAME face I posted on November 2nd, 2018 that I drew upside down. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!
How weird is the difference between the two drawings!
This drawing portrait is the Second Drawing that was drawn completely upside up of the same face in the Wall Street Journal that I posted which was drawn upside down. No I did not draw her face exactly as it looks in the WSJ because I wanted to compare drawing upside down and upside up for the fun of it and to get my drawing brain working again because it has been some time since I have drawn anything.
The first portrait drawing was drawn completely upside down and then I turned the drawing around to finish drawing the female face which was taken from a picture in the Wall Street Journal. It was a fun thing to do in the middle of the night!
This second portrait drawing was drawn normally upside up
On Strathmore 3.5 x 5 Sketch paper.
.3mm pencil and Faber-Castell h,b,2b drawing pencils.

This was an exercise out of the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain..

Friday, November 2, 2018

An Upside Down Drawing: By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr! November 2nd, 2018

An Upside Down Drawing: By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!  November 2nd, 2018
The first layer was drawn completely upside down and then I turned the drawing around to finish drawing the female face which was taken from a picture in the Wall Street Journal. It was a fun thing to do in the middle of the night! George at

On Strathmore 3.5 x 5 Sketch paper.
.3mm pencil and Faber-Castell h,b,2b drawing pencils.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

George’s Jesus and Moses Moment on a Mountain Top. Or. My Supernatural Experience with Creatures from a Different Dimension. Yes, This is a True Story ... As God Almighty is My Witness. For The Current and Future Survival of the Human Species. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr! October 31st, 2018

George’s Jesus and Moses Moment on a Mountain Top.
My Supernatural Experience with Creatures from a Different Dimension.
Yes, This is a True Story ... As God Almighty is My Witness.
For The Current and Future Survival of the Human Species.
By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!
October 31st, 2018. / Halloween.
As my dear readers can guess from my opening title, I am going to be writing about an experience that only a few people on planet earth have ever experienced so I know that there will be readers who will believe my story and there will be readers who will not believe my story. But let it be known from the beginning of this story, every word that I am writing is the truth, as again, God Almighty is my Witness.
And to make a few other truths straight and out in the open so that there is no misunderstanding about my state of mind, I do not take drugs, recreational drugs or medical drugs. I do not have mental delusions of any kind, except for the fact that I am still living as a partly human being. Way too many human mental delusions about God, evil, and life in general on planet earth as a human species. But I have studied so many topics both in and out of the university it would make a normal human brain spin. Also, for this experience to happen to me instead of it happening to other human beings is because I have been being prepared for it since the day I was born in so many ways. But I will touch upon that in a few or more areas in this story.
Another point of interest to my dear readers. You may be wondering why I am actually going to write this supernatural story at all. First of all, one day I am going to ‘die’ or leave planet earth and this is a story of all of my stories that should be written and read for posterity or for future generations to read and ponder for thousands of years. Second, this true story should be a real life lesson for all human beings on planet earth who want to learn from the story because it will give them a different mental outlook or perspective or viewpoint about the possibilities of other dimensions, even while living on planet earth. So it goes! I hope my dear readers actually love reading it because I am taking a big risk here!
Ok, let start off by stating that I am connected to other realms of existence (s) or actually those realms of existence (s) are actually more connected to me because I appear to be a limited human biological body with a human brain. There is more to me than a human biological body and brain, but that is not the point here of this story. And believe me when I state that I do not have all of the answers. I actually have more questions now than answers even if I have more answers about life and death and the supernatural realms than the normal human being.
The Transfiguration of Jesus.
As a boy I was forced to attend churches with huge statues with a human male named Jesus nailed into a wood object. Supposedly he died and he was resurrected back to earth three days later with the same exact human biological body that he died in. Ok, as a boy that brought a lot of questions to my mind. Later in my life I read the Holy Bible’s gospel and there was an event termed the Transfiguration. Just to make this simple for me to write I am going to quote from the world wide web.
“The transfiguration of Jesus is an event reported in the New Testament when Jesus is transfigured and becomes radiant in glory upon a mountain.[1][2] The Synoptic Gospels (Matthew 17:1–8, Mark 9:2–8, Luke 9:28–36) describe it, and the Second Epistle of Peter also refers to it (2 Peter 1:16–18). It has also been hypothesized that the first chapter of the Gospel of John alludes to it (John 1:14).[3]
In these accounts, Jesus and three of his apostles, Peter, James, John, go to a mountain (the Mount of Transfiguration) to pray. On the mountain, Jesus begins to shine with bright rays of light. Then the prophets Moses and Elijah appear next to him and he speaks with them. Jesus is then called "Son" by a voice in the sky, assumed to be God the Father, as in the Baptism of Jesus.[1]” Taken from the world wide web.
Moses and The Ten Commandments and the Burning Bush on top of a mountain.
The common religious Christian stories of Moses on top of the mountains with his two experiences of the burning bush and the ten commandments are well known so I am not going to explain them here. The Burning Bush story is located in Exodus 3 and the Ten Commandments stories are located in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy. If my dear readers would like to open up a Bible for yourself, you can read all about them or you can Google them to read.
My first request yelling into the night sky after high school.
When I was just out of high school, my parents owned a big house which was located with huge fields behind the houses on that street. Back then the topic of UFOs and other supernatural experiences were not as open as they are today. One dark night I walked in the open field and I yelled out loudly, “Hey. Is there anyone listening to me. Do you have anything to say. I am here listening.” I did it three times, I believe three nights in a row. As I looked up at the night sky, I saw white spots in the sky, but no UFOs or anything else for that matter. But a little silent voice said something like, ‘You are not ready yet. You have to prepare yourself.’ It was not like a real human voice with sound, more like a very strong intuition which was being blasted into my young mind. So ok, I thought to myself. I will wait until I am ready to do it again, whenever that will be in my life. I actually forgot about it for many years until I after my experience on a mountain top as a man who had lived between life and death at least once in my human life.
Ok then. So decades slipped away with me studying all of the topics I could get my hands on but not any old topics. I studied the Holy Bible in depth both as a history and metaphysical book, starting with John W. Doorly’s Science of the Bible series. I studied the Christian Science textbook in depth with Max Kappeler’s books on the Science of Christian Science. (Not the religion of Christian Science.) I studied the stock market and economics and finance and astrophysics and the big bang theory of the cosmic creation and I studied the human brain and mind and consciousness, or some neuroscience relating to the human brain. Then there were other topics too, the afterlife, ESP or extrasensory perception and telepathic communication or telepathy. I have studied Einstein’s theories and Quantum Mechanics and Physics for mental fun.
My second request by yelling into the day’s air on top of a mountain.
Then one day I climbed a mountain in the Bay Area, California, United States. I got to tell you my dear readers, the first time climbing that mountain was complete freaking biological hell. I was not king of the mountain. But I hiked to the top of the mountain to view the Bay Area, even if it almost killed me. Not really! It just felt like it at the time. Afterwards, an old man at REI told me to hike it once a week for four months so my human biological would never be the same. So I took his advice and I hiked that mountain once a week for four months and on the 16 week, I climbed it twice within 24 hours. The old man was absolutely correct. My biological body had never been in that kind of shape like it was after climbing a 3000 feet mountain all the way to the top for sixteen weeks. And what a view too! But then I continued to climb it on a steady basis.
Are all of my dear readers still with me? Now for the good stuff.
One day I was all alone on top of the mountain. It was about 75 degrees. No wind. Not hot, just warm enough to take a nice bath in the air. I had food and liquids and clothes to survive for some time before I headed down the mountain. And without one ounce of forethought I yelled again, after decades of yelling my words in the dark night fields in the acres behind my parent’s big white house. I yelled loudly almost the exact same words as those three dark nights when I was still a young man after high school. Except I added a few more words onto my sentence.
“Hey God. Angels. Whatever! Do you have anything to say to me. I am listening.”
I looked at my watch and I waited. I thought to myself, ten minutes, twenty to thirty minutes tops because I was alone, but that could have changed any second because other hikers were always climbing that mountain. I waited and waited and nothing happened. Ok, I told myself. I will try again next week if the weather is good enough for me to climb and if no other human beings are on top of the mountain with me to hear me yell out to God, the angels, or whatever. After all, there were already enough human beings who thought I was a bit crazy so why add onto their mental delusions. I walked down the mountain, but I was not disappointed.
The next or second week it was a repeat of the first week. A long hike up the mountain. Nobody was there so I yelled loudly again into the clear air. “Hey God. Angels. Whatever! Do you have anything to say to me. I am listening.” Again, nothing whatsoever. I walked back down the mountain after a half a hour with the mental thought, ‘I will give them one more week. Three weeks should be good enough for anything to happen to me if it is going to happen at all.
The third week was not even a question if I was going to hike up that mountain. I was going to hike up that mountain and I was going to yell again just to finish my supernatural experiment for the third time. They say that the third time is the charm. And so it was for me on top of the mountain on a very nice perfect summer afternoon. If my dear readers are still reading this story you are probably sitting on the edge of your chairs or seats wondering what happened to me. Anyway I hope you are sitting on the edge of your chairs or seats wondering what happened to me. Now my dear readers, you have to understand something here before I continue with my story.
I was not yelling into the air because I had nothing better to do with my life and with my hike on top of a mountain on a very perfect day. No sirs and ma’ams. You see, whatever it was that I was yelling at when I was yelling on top of the mountain had already been giving me signs that they were watching over me, believe it or not. So in one sense, I was daring any creature from any dimension that was giving me signs that they were watching over me to communicate with me on top of that mountain because I knew that something had been happening to me and preparing me for some time ever since I was a little boy really. But more so in the last few months as a man before I hiked up the mountain top.
You may be ready for the following words, but I hesitate to even write them for you to read.
Ok, here it goes my dear readers. I looked around to make very sure that nobody is there with me on the mountain top with me. I even look down the path to the mountain to make sure nobody is walking up the mountain. I knew that this was going to be my last time yelling my words into the thin blue air and sky which of course I knew was not thin air or even a blue sky. You see, I was yelling into another dimension which I had already mentally become at one with during my years of living and dying on planet earth.
“Hey God. Angels. Whatever! Do you have anything to say to me? I am listening.”
Again, I am really hesitating to write what happens next for you to read. You see, I was always going to write this story before I really exit planet earth for good, if that is the case. But to actually write them so the story is there to read on the world wide web is a bit of a scary thing to do even for me. I do not fear mere human mortals. That is not the case. But I know that many human beings as people are wondering if there is more to life than what they see on planet earth. The human race and species needs to know my story to learn from it if that is possible.
It did not take long for the action to begin, I can tell you that right off from the start. Within minutes I see a thirty year old male riding a mountain bike straight towards me with his eyes focused on me like eagles eyes. He was moving so quickly that I was a bit taken back by his speed. He wanted to say something to me but I started the conversation by explaining to him my new online lecture or essay about the afterlife. What a jerk I was to not listen sooner. I am trying to talk to him like he was a human being but he was not a human being. He only looked like a human being. I looked at his skin and it was wrong. Completely wrong! It looked like skin from far away but up close it was not normal human skin at all. I am not even going to try to describe it. You just have to trust me. In any case, I was not going to ask him about his skin because what was I going to say to the creature. “Hey dude, you skin is looking, well, not really human, you know, so what in the heck are you in reality?” No, not proper etiquette were the words coming to my mind like from him. So no, I did not ask a creature about his skin.
When I was finished he said to me, “Hey I have to go back to work. But before I do, do you want to hear a joke?” I said yes, but I am thinking, sure, you are going back to work. Sure I want to hear the joke. So he says to me, “There is a guy in the afterlife. He is walking around for a while before he meets a female in the afterlife. The guy in the afterlife asks the lady, 'Hey am I dead and where am I?'
The lady says, 'You are dead and you are in the afterlife. I am your case worker." as she looks at her clipboard. She asks the guy in the afterlife if there is anything he needs and he says no, not yet. So he starts to walk around in the afterlife and he sees a very big brick wall with a hole in the very big brick wall. He looks into the hole in the very big brick wall and he sees human bodies being tortured and he sees fire and brimstone and devil like creatures with tails and very long spears and tools hurting and torturing human beings. The guy in the afterlife who is looking in the hole in the very big brick wall hears endless sounds of pain and suffering and very loud screaming and yelling from the humans on the other side of the hole in the very big brick wall that was separating him from the other human beings who were suffering with no way out of the hell they were in. He walks away and he is very happy that he is not them.
So the guy in the afterlife starts to walk for some time before he sees the female caseworker again. She is a very friendly caseworker so she asks the rookie in the afterlife ‘How are you doing?’ He replies to the female caseworker, “I was walking by a very big brick wall and I looked through a hole in the brick wall and I saw fire and brimstone and creatures holding long spears and other tools torturing humans who were screaming and yelling in the pit of hell fire that surrounded them all.”
The female caseworker in the afterlife looks at the rookie in the afterlife and she replies to him, “Oh, do not worry about them. They are Christians and that is what they all wanted.”
The guy says, “Oh!” And they walk away from each other.
Now I am looking at the creature before me with a million questions that I could not nor would I ask him since he was going to ride away at any moment. He just looks at me with a facial expression like did I hear what he just said to me. I was thinking to myself, ‘That is not really a joke. That was like a serious thing you just stated which would be good for a religious or metaphysical class anywhere in the world. He says, ‘I have to go now.’ And I am really mentally disturbed because if a creature traveled from another dimension to talk to me I would hope that he would have more to say to me than what he just stated to me even if it was an interesting concept, that Christians get to spend time or even eternity in hell because that is what they wanted when they were living as human beings on planet earth before they died. Or because that is what they believed they would get in their afterlives because of their religious beliefs.
Ok, the guy with the very strange non-human skin rides away from me. Not ten seconds goes by when I hear the words behind me, “Oh sir. Can you help me?” I was stilling caught up thinking about what the guy on the bike just stated to me when I hear a lady’s voice behind me again. “Oh sir. Can you help me?” I turn around and I see a petite Asian female looking at me. She says again, “Oh sir. Can you help me?” I reply, “Are you talking to me?” like a jerk as I looked around for another sir on top of a mountain. I look around on top of the mountain and of course she is talking to me because I am the only other person on the mountain besides the twenty something female.
So I walk over to Asian female and I looked at her skin which could not help but be noticed because it was the same skin as the skin on the other creature with the non-human skin. I am thinking over and over again for a couple of minutes, ‘Do not ask about the skin. Do not ask about her skin. Do not do it!’ ‘How can I help you?’ I ask her. She looks down at her feet and she says to me, 'My feet are a bit sore. Is there anything that you can do for me?’ I look at her feet and she was wearing the next step up from flip flops. Google flip flops if you have to know. They were not sneakers in any sense of the word. They were canvas semi-shoes with a thin rubber sole.
I see that her shoe laces are both untied. I ask her, ‘Did you actually walk up this mountain from the parking lot at the bottom?’ She says yes, and now I know that she is a lying creature from a different dimension because her canvas semi-shoes looked brand new without a speck of dirt or dust on them. Not to mention that I was wearing hiking boots which were covered with dust and I know for a fact that you can bet that her feet were sore after climbing the fire roads with rocks big and small that would have destroyed her brand new canvas semi-shoes. I almost laughed at her, but I thought the better of it not to laugh at this supernatural creature and event on top of a mountain. Who knows what would have happened to me if I got some creature from a different dimension mad at me. I guess she could have climbed that mountain with those things on her feet, but I did not believe one word of it. It was like a big joke!
I bent down and tied both of her canvas semi-shoe’s untied laces just shaking my head in disbelief that this female actually walked up that mountain in those ‘things.’ As I was tying her canvas semi-shoes I stopped shacking my head because there it was again, all previous events had been leading up to this moment. Her canvas semi-shoes were being tied by me, just like the tied shoes on the cover of the book, ‘The Trouble with Physics. The Rise of String Theory, the Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next. By: Lee Smolin. Look at the book cover on Google. I was actually reading the book at the exact same day I was hiking up that mountain. What is the probability of that happening at the exact same time? My dear readers! OK, now I am a little spooked now! I had been slowly reading that book for a couple of weeks, half way finished when I am now tying shoe laces on top of a mountain. Hum!
Is there more you may be asking yourself. Just you hang on now! I stand up and I ask the lady just for fun, ‘So where are you from?’ ‘I am from Vietnam.’ she says. Ok, I believe that was possible if you were a real human once. Or if you are making it up for me. Makes no difference for me at this moment. I am looking at her and I realize she has no water either. It was like she just floated onto the mountan top to look like a human being in non-human skin for me.
I ask her another question. “What do you do for a living.”
She replies, “Oh, I am a caseworker.’
Speechless! For a few moments I tell you my dear readers. I ask her. ‘You are a caseworker?’ I was so much in shock that I did not dare ask her a caseworker for what because I thought she was going to tell me that she was a caseworker for people who were in the afterlife, which she might mean me in some way or fashion. Like maybe I was actually living in the afterlife here on earth even though I had basically died once only to return a different person. I have actually almost died so many times while living on planet earth that I just got used to almost dying both before and after the big one when I was in a coma and in between worlds for days up to a week until I snapped out of the coma state. Also, I did not really need anything from her at the time if she really was a caseworker for me. I could not think of anything I needed even if she was a supernatural afterlife caseworker for me in the here and now on planet earth. HUM! More Money? LMAO! Every human being needs more money. It never stops, does it?
I started to walk away from her for about six or eight steps, towards my backpack. I turn around to take a look at the caseworker. Guess what happened to her my dear readers? GONE! DISAPPEARED! VANISHED INTO THIN AIR. I am looking into a space where there once stood a young female from ‘Vietnam’ now stood nobody at all. I quickly move my legs to return to see where she had gone somewhere really fast. But nothing! I quickly looked in between some rocks next to a cliff side of the mountain. Nobody.  I walked over there. Nothing. I quickly looked down the grassy side of the mountain where rattlesnakes live in abundance. Not a soul anywhere. Nobody ever walked down through that tall grass with rattlesnakes. Then I especially looked quickly down the main rocky path that most people walk on or hike on to get to the to top or the bottom of mountain, to the parking lot. Nothing! No human being in sight anywhere. GONE.
I looked at my watch or timepiece and I waited for her to reappear as I stared down all sides that were possible to walk down and I waited for her to reappear from behind some rock like that was ever going to happen. I waited for ten minutes. Nothing. I waited for twenty minutes. Nothing. I waited for about a half a hour before I even walked back to pick up my backpack and head down the mountain. Nothing. My dear readers, she had disappeared into thin air or not so thin air.
And that my dear readers is the God’s honest truth!
So be very careful what you ask for! You may be in for a big supernatural surprise! Surprises!
Happy Halloween. I hope you enjoyed this true adventure of mine. PS. Not the only one!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Adults Recalling Their Childhood. The Inevitable Experience of Looking Back at Your Childhood. The Human Species Looking Backing in History and Seeing Its Own Future Too! For the Current and Future Survival of the Human Species Versus The Self-Destruction of the Human Species. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr! October 25th, 2018.

Adults Recalling Their Childhood.
The Inevitable Experience of Looking Back at Your Childhood.

The Human Species Looking Backing in History and Seeing Its Own Future Too!
For the Current and Future Survival of the Human Species
The Self-Destruction of the Human Species.
By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!
October 25th, 2018.
Some life experiences are so personal that every human being must experience those life experiences alone, unless you have someone to talk to who can hold a conversation with you about you and your mental experiences. HUM! Mental experiences! Well, believe it or not folks, my dear readers, your internal mental experiences are much more important than your external worldly experiences, especially if you expect to live long enough to remember your childhood’s way of life.
The older people know what I am writing about because they have passed the mental dividing line of mentally looking backward at their lives instead of mentally looking forward at their future life including their deaths. That mental dividing line happens at time periods for every human being. But sooner or later you can bet that your memories will come back to haunt you like a ghost in the night. This mental experience can not be stopped so you better watch what you do and think when you are growing up living your life before the great mental dividing line experience of looking back versus looking forward happens to you.
Why am I writing about the fact that you are going to remember your childhood you may be wondering yourselves. Because so often on a very regular basis I have this uncanny and moreover extraordinary experience when two ideas pop up into my life at the exact same moment of time, like it did this week. So now I will write about it for the fun of it and to give my dear readers something to think about besides your petty little human lives. I do not mean to be insulting, but the truth is the truth when it comes to the big facts of life.
To be more specific in this case it happened when I was reading a book titled ‘Running from Safety.’ by Richard Bach and a few days later I started watching the Netflix movie series titled ‘Knightfall.’ They both had something that was common which happens to every human being if you live long enough to experience what I term the mental dividing line between looking purely forward to your future to if not almost but sometimes looking completely at your past inside your mind’s memories of your life all the while knowing that one day you will die and leave planet earth.
I had started reading a book by Richard Bach titled, ‘Running from Safety.’ I have to admit it took some reading into the book to get me interested. I almost put the book down for a later time, which meant for good. But I like reading Richard Bach’s books. If you recall he wrote the books Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions. If you have not read those two books you are missing out on good mental adventures. Richard Bach was an United States Air Force pilot whose love for airplanes and other flying craft and flying in general reaches no bounds whatsoever. But Richard is also a writer too.
I started watching the Netflix movie series Knightfall one night and the next night until I watched six hours of the series in one night just to get to the end of the movie series. The movie was about a man named iLandry du Lauzon of the Knights Templar and how he needed to mentally return to his boyhood to help him solve a problem in his current and immediate future life. Both his childhood and his adulthood needed to solve a mystery which made for a very good movie serious to watch. Of course the movies series was good for other reasons too, in my opinion.
‘Who are the Knights Templar?
‘The Knights Templar was a large organization of devout Christians during the medieval era who carried out an important mission: to protect European travelers visiting sites in the Holy Land while also carrying out military operations. A wealthy, powerful and mysterious order that has fascinated historians and the public for centuries, tales of the Knights Templar, their financial acumen, their military prowess and their work on behalf of Christianity during the Crusades still circulate throughout modern culture.’ Taken from the web.
So a common denominator for both the book and the movie for this online essay and story is that two grown adult men mentally looked back at their childhood life to recall childhood experiences to solve problems in their adulthood life. Richard writes about and describes his personal experience of talking to his nine year self Dickie while iLandry du Lauzon in the movie is concerned with finding a Holy Grail or a cup that Jesus drank from over two thousand years ago.
I have met many different types and kinds of human beings throughout my life. Some of them have told me their stories and I wrote them down in my 2007 writing blog titled 52 Stories in 52 Weeks at You have to search for the year 2007 to read all of my 52 Stories in 52 Weeks. But if you want to read them, the stories are there for the reading. I have learned that many people have memories that they can never forget even if they wanted to forget them for one reason or another.
I have learned one thing about people who have told me their life stories or usually just one story that changed their life or had a big influence on their mental memory bank. That one thing is that before they die or leave planet earth they will never forget certain life changes and experiences because those experiences are embedded into their human brains and minds like water that is soaked into a sponge. They may get some details wrong, but not the general event, if they were had been drinking or drunk or had been taking drugs or both drinking and drugs.
But the problem is that both childhood memories and even adult memories can be very tricky to remember properly. A human being might remember a very specific event and that human being might have some details partly wrong or completely wrong, even if something did happen to them. Or they may remember every detail exactly as if it happened yesterday. The human brain and mind and consciousness is a very tricky thing to handle, especially by yourself. But sometimes that is all you have to help you; your own brain, mind, and consciousness.
The human brain is hardwired basically the same way in every way for every human being. But the software or the inputs into that hardwired human brain minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, for years and years can begin to work certain changed mental perceptions when a human being crosses that mental dividing line from looking constantly into its future into with their individual and personal life experiences to mentally looking back or recalling your individual and personal human history. Recalling childhood memories is a purely mental experience which every human being processes as they get live longer and longer.
But then the human brain, mind, and consciousness begins its slow and long or sometimes very fast and short journey into the realm of the dying stage of life, (if you believe in the dying stage of life) and the death and after stage of life too. It can not be avoided for every human being on planet earth. Some humans die a good death and other humans die a bad death. But so too is the human species facing such issues now. The human species can look at its past, its very slow and long history of evolution and development and it can look into its future too which is always an uncertain mental phenomena.
The real issues for each human being is that those living memories within the brain, mind, and consciousness are very real and living creatures within the realm of the human mind and consciousness. Until it is realized that maybe they are nothing at all when dying and when a soul travels into the afterlife. Sometimes memories linger with no problems whatsoever and sometimes memories have to be handled in various ways. In the end though, the future is more important than the past for each human being. Even death must be handled one way or another way which is another futurist mental experience for every human being.
This is the dividing line between individual and personal memory recall and looking into the future versus the whole collective human species recalling its historical past and then looking into its own future as a human species, for the survival of the human species.
The Collective Human Species. Looking Back at Its Past and Looking Forward Into the Future.
If you think about what I wrote about above the dividing line in this essay and story, it is the same sort of experience with the collective human species too. The human species loves to study the history of the cosmic universe, the planet earth and the other planets too. The human species loves to study itself, the cavemen, the dinosaurs, and all of the life on planet earth too. The human species loves to study the physical memory of the cosmic universe, planet earth, life on planet earth, and even beyond planet earth too. The human species loves to search for life in outer space. The human species looks to study itself too, its biological body, its human brain, mind, and consciousness. That is all fine and good and normal and natural for understanding all there is to know about how we got to where the human species is now.
Here is the rub or dilemma. The human species should really be more worried about its future than its past. No matter what happened in the past, the past is gone and the future is always arriving tomorrow. The human species must be more worried about future because the human species is changing faster and faster in more and more different ways. Some of those ways are controllable and some of those ways are uncontrollable. That is very a very dangerous scenario. Some of those ways are good and some of those ways are very bad for the human species. But how is studying the dinosaurs or the cavemen going to help solve the modern day problems and issues facing the current and future human species?
The collective human species is like the man and boy in the book ‘Running from Safety.’ And the collective human species is like the main character iLandry du Lauzon in the Netflix movie serious ‘Knightfall.’ It is normal and natural to look and remember the past, to recall the past because that is how the human brain, mind, and consciousness works and operates. As a matter of fact it is really mentally impossible not to look at and remember the past within the mind of each living human being, just as it is normal and natural to look back at the history of the cosmic universe, the planet earth, and the stages and states of living matter on planet earth. There is no harm in it and there is a lot to be learnt from looking back and recalling the past events of any historical aspect of any level of life.
But there must be a moment of time, a dividing line between looking back at the past of anything and remembering the past and even studying individual and personal memories and looking towards the future and getting ready for the future, even getting ready for death itself and any possible afterlife. And so it is with the collective human species. The human species must begin to consciously look towards its future for its current and future survival and not towards its own destruction and death as a collective human species.
There has always been the cosmic question, “Did the cosmic universe and especially and specifically life on earth happen by luck, by chance, or by a God who is a divine designer or Supreme Intelligence. Well maybe it does not matter how or maybe it does matter now. But now that the human species is alive and living, maybe the real question or the more important questions should be how is the human species going to consciously survive into the future not by luck or by chance, or even by a Supreme Intelligence, but by its own conscious decision to make the correct choices instead of making the wrong choices and decisions.
In a many ways, the human species is in one big freaking mess. It loves sex partly because it believes it is the greatest pleasure ever, even if that is a mental delusion. It loves to take mind altering drugs in all forms for pleasure, for fun, and for escapism too. It loves to make bigger and better weapons of war and mass destruction, even if there are already enough nuclear weapons to currently destroy every living creature on earth many times over. It loves to live the good live not caring one ounce about the poor and starving people on planet earth. And even more importantly it seems, the human species does not care about its own current and future survival, as a conscious problem and issue that all nations and countries must come together to form the very correct plan of action to insure and ensure that the human species does not destroy itself.
Old time religion is dying. Local and global politics is becoming more depended on the fear of bombs and controlling economics than of mutual understanding and communication. Different cultures are still different while at the same time they are becoming more common. Like everyone gets to go to a Walmart or Starbucks or a McDonalds all over the world if they have money, even if their religions and clothes and cultures are different.
Maybe Richard Bach or some other writer should write a book titled, ‘Running Towards Safety.’ for the current and future survival of the human species. With the subtitle being, ‘Running into the Future Survival of the Human Species. Or maybe that is my job as a writer because that seems to be my general writing theme for so many of my online lectures and essays.
There are so many lessons of the historical past that should have been learnt and never forgotten. But it seems to be the the collective human species simply forgets its own really big mistakes, the effects of all of the human blood that has been spilled during all of the big wars, like the America’s Civil war, the WWI and WWII wars, etc, etc, etc. The human species is forgetting that war and weapons of war does not solve any local or global problem. War is a very expensive and illogical solution and not a good answer when communication between global leaders should always be the answer to any local or global problem and issue, no matter what that problem and issue is at that moment in time.
Every major nation on planet earth is making bigger and better weapons of war with the intent of going to war if it war is decided to be the answer to anything that needs protecting by a local or national leader. Really? Is war ever going to be the answer if it destroys the human species? No! War is never the answer for truly solving human made problems. Well, one thing is very certain. If another world war ever happens, then another dividing line will have taken place which could lead to the destruction of the human species.
After that, no more dividing lines for the human species, individually or collectively!

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Monster Hurricanes Be Stopped! Well, Almost! BOMB the Center of the Monster Hurricane’s Eye. An Open Letter to All Scientists and World Leaders Around the Globe. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr! October 17th, 2018.

Monster Hurricanes Be Stopped! Well, Almost!
BOMB the Center of the Monster Hurricane’s Eye.
An Open Letter to All Scientists and World Leaders Around the Globe.
My Solution to Control and/or Slow Down, and
Hopefully, Destroy Those Destructive Monster Hurricanes.
I Can Only Present the Main Idea.

The New Science of Monster Hurricane Bomb Building.

Professionals Would Have to do the WORK to Make it WORK!
For the Current and Future Survival of the Human Species.
By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!
October 17th, 2018.
“Hurricanes are the most violent storms on Earth. People call these storms by other names, such as typhoons or cyclones, depending on where they occur. The scientific term for all these storms is tropical cyclone. Only tropical cyclones that form over the Atlantic Ocean or eastern Pacific Ocean are called "hurricanes." Taken from the web.
I was talking to a man on the phone one day some time ago. The guy that I was talking to described to me how he and his wife and his four children and dog were living the American dream of owning a house somewhere on America’s southern coastline near New Orleans. Everything was very good and grand and normal until a hurricane decided to visit the state and wash his house away. The guy, his wife, his four children, and dog lived in a tent under a bridge somewhere until his parents let him live with them until he could find a job and move to Washington state where there are no hurricanes. He was very happy with that decision to escape America’s hurricane alley.
At the beginning of 2018, I wrote an open letter to president Trump and whoever would read my solution to solve the North Korea problem. I actually think someone in government read my solution because it was followed to a tee. By the way, I read a lot of ‘stuff’ which had included essays on how to solve the problem in North Korea. Not once did I read my solution from educated people who were writing on how to solve the problem with North Korea. Of course, I did not get any credit because I am an unknown thinker and writer, but I did my part. You can read my open online letter to president Trump about North Korea, etc. on my Facebook page or on my blog at and
So now I am writing another open online letter to present my idea on how to solve the hurricane problem which happens every year, only bigger and better and worst than the previous year before. And there seems to be no end in sight for the hurricane seasons, every year from here on out. Until now. Well, let us try anyway. But I can only present the main and simple idea for the solving the very terrible destruction that is inflicted on the human species and on property etc. by monster hurricanes. There are human beings with higher levels of education in very certain and specific skill sets that will have to do the real work of taking my main and simple idea for solving the problem of controlling and possibly destroying monster hurricanes.
So every year I have to watch the news warning everyone somewhere to escape America’s monster hurricane alleys; to run for their lives, or to drive away from the uncontrollable hurricane monsters that everyone knows are coming because the weather people are explaining how another hurricane monster is headed towards another path of human and property destruction. Everyone has to either sit idly by with their bleeding hearts in their pockets knowing that the destruction is going to be big or everyone has to drive away to save their lives from the death causing hurricane monsters in their faces.
I am tired of watching the news in one form or another knowing that not only are there countless uneducated and stupid people who are watching the news who think that they know how to solve every problem in the world, but that there are also countless very smart and educated human beings who are watching the news too. But sometimes even the smart and educated human beings do not solve certain problems that are facing the human species and its current and future survival.
This is where ‘The George’ comes in! I have waited too long in my life to present a solution to the problem of monster hurricanes and the destruction that they cause and inflict on countless human beings all over the globe, but especially in America in every location where hurricanes attack America’s southern coastline and even the east coastline too. I actually thought of this solution a decade or two ago, but for some reason I did not think anyone, meaning the scientists and world leaders would listen to my solution for the hurricanes destructive nature and force. And what a destructive force it is too. Countless lives are at risk and billions if not trillions of dollars of destruction in property damage over the years by hurricanes.
I do not have the money to put together a group of people who would know more about the science of weather than I do. “What is the science of weather called? The study of weather study kept the name meteorology, and now means a study of the atmosphere, weather, and climate. And since “meteorologist” was taken, people who actually study meteors are called meteorologist .” Taken off the web.
I do not have the money to put together a team of engineers to do the math and get the proper materials to build the required instruments and bombs to solve the problem of the monster hurricanes. I do not have the political influence and clout to put teams together and to order them to get my solution for monster hurricanes accomplished. And I do not even have the time to do it all even if I had the time. Of course, I could be the manager of my solution but there are probably better managers than me for putting my solution into action to help the American people and all people on earth that have to deal with monster hurricanes.
My dear readers may be wondering what my solution is for controlling and maybe even stopping those very destructive monster hurricanes. Here is a hint. There are airplanes that are designed and built to go through hurricanes to study them. Ok! That is a fact that is not going to be denied and disputed with at the current moment. Great. Some people want to study how hurricanes form and how they move through the air, blah, blah, blah.
Why not study how to destroy the monster hurricanes? With a BOMB! Or some other destructive device to disrupt the circular path that the monster hurricane’s force and the straight path that the monster hurricane is moving in towards land, people, and property.  Fly a plane over or through the monster hurricane and drop or place a specially made hurricane bomb into the hurricane's eye to destroy or at the very least disrupt the hurricane.  That is the general idea here.  Professionals would have to make it happen. 
A human made monster hurricane BOMB that is dropped from an airplane into the center of the eye of any monster hurricane if not to destroy the monster hurricane, then to pierce the air that the monster hurricane is breathing and sucking up to make it bigger, better, and more dangerous too. Why not create a monster hurricane bomb that would be dropped from an airplane into the eye or center of the monster hurricane to break it apart, if not in totality then only partly.
If the human species already has airplanes that can and do fly through a monster hurricane, then why not make either a bomb or some other bomb like device that will prevent the monster hurricane from reaching land, people, and property too? The current estimate of human beings living on planet earth is around 7-8 billion people. Each and every human being depends on relativity stable weather conditions. If the human species is influencing the weather to make it bad, why not influence the weather to make it good or at the very least not as dangerous?
Some people might argue that hurricanes are part of earth’s natural weather systems and that the hurricanes and the weather was much worse and destructive in the past, which is true. But if human beings are changing the current weather systems and patterns only to make them better, bigger, and more destructive, then human beings have a responsibility to try to manage those monster hurricanes that the human species might be causing and creating by the human species’ global influence on local and global weather patterns, systems, and conditions.
If there are going to be continued monster hurricanes every year for decades to come, and if those monster hurricanes are going to get bigger, better, and even more destructive too, than it is about time that the human species not only should, but must do something to stop, or at the very least slow down those monster hurricanes for the current and future survival of the human species, especially if those monster hurricanes are only going to get bigger and more dangerous.
The human species is so caught up in finding extraterrestrial life and species up there in outer space somewhere. But should not the human species be more caught up in saving itself first? The human species wants to put a man on Mars, which is all well and good. I do not personally care about Mars to tell you the truth, even if Mars does teach the human species something about the history of the cosmic universe and even something about planet earth. When I learned that the moon is basically moon dust, I figured Mars is basically Mar’s dust too. Of course, it is good to explore and discover more than moon and Mar’s dust, but what about those monster hurricanes on earth?
I used to live in earthquake country in the Bay Area, CA., USA. I used to live basically on top of earthquake faults. I have felt the earth move under my feet. Ok! Nothing really happened, but one day it will happen. A big mother freaking earthquake that will destroy and destroy and destroy more and so much land and property and maybe it will kill scores of people too. I doubt if anything can be done at this moment in human time to stop earthquakes from shaking the earth and destroying property. If I remember the numbers correctly, in 1989, it took only 11 seconds for that earthquake to reach, to travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco. There was nothing to be done about it. Nothing! Nothing that the human species could have done to stop mother earth’s tectonic plates from moving. And probably nothing will ever be done to stop earthquakes either.
But I believe that there is something that can be done to stop or at least slowdown monster hurricanes. The human species possesses thinkers, scientists, and builders of nuclear bombs to kill billions of human beings in less than it takes the time to write these words. In a matter of seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years. So why not take the time, starting now, at this very second and minute and hour that these words are being read by the people that could actually get the job and task done of breaking apart the center or eye of monster hurricanes.
To build a hurricane plane and hurricane bomb or another hurricane destructive device to drop into the eye (s) of any hurricanes that want to do evil destruction to the human species.
After all, if I really was Superman, that is what I would do. But better yet, since this is not carton fancy, if was the president of America, or if I was a scientist who wanted to save the world from monster hurricanes instead of destroying the human species by making nuclear bombs to murder millions and billions of innocent and defenseless human beings, I would start the process of building the perfect airplane and the perfect hurricane bomb to drop into the eye of any monster hurricane to save human lives, property, and a lot of money too.
But I am not Superman, nor am I the president of America, nor am I a scientist within a group of scientists who can get the job started and completed. NO! I am someone better. I am someone who has presented a solution to monster hurricanes. I hope someone reads this online open letter and takes it very seriously. I hope that many people read this open online letter and print it out on hard copy paper and reads again and again and again. Why?
Because those monster hurricanes are going to continue to attack everything in their paths over again and over again and over again endlessly for decades and longer until a hurricane airplane drops a hurricane bomb into the eye of those monster hurricanes to break them apart. If it can be done once, it can be done a million times. So why wait for next year to get the job started?

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