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Monday, March 12, 2018

North Korea’s Unelected “Leader.” A Current Ruthless Dictator or Possible Future Economic Hero. ( To his own citizens. ) Trump's Biggest Deal of His Life. My Public Message to President Trump. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe ., Jr!

 North Korea’s Unelected “Leader.”

 A Current Ruthless Dictator or Possible Future Economic Hero. ( To his own citizens. )

Trump's Biggest Deal of His Life.

 My Public Message to President Trump.

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe ., Jr!

 March 12, 2018

Dear Trump
Yea, it is in the news.  America’s President Trump is going to meet North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-um is going to meet President Trump.  And wow, lots of people have their own views regarding the big historical meeting between the big leader of the most important country in the world with its very huge capitalistic s economic system and with its huge military arsenal versus  the very, very, very small leader of an almost non-existent country or nation with no real economic system and development and with its very tiny and almost non-existent military.

I have read maybe some of the biggest and silliest concerns that I have read so far on the world wide web about this meeting.  First, that the meeting between the very big and the very small is going to happen too soon, like to early, something might go wrong.  Really?  To early?  Too early is not soon enough.  It has been decades since there has been an important meeting with a  North Korean leader about nuclear weapons and because there has been no communication with that punk leader is the primary reason why he has been able to get away with so much in so little time.  No communication is the primary reason why the world is in another nuclear weapons mess.

Second, Trump is going to be played.  Again, really?  The deal or the art of making a deal might be Trump’s only real strong ability to deal with a guy like Kim.  Who else is going to make a deal with the mentally delusional Kim?  Who?  What other leader is going to talk to the guy who believes that making, building, and using nuclear weapons - nuclear bombs is going to make him a delusional hero to his own people?  Maybe Trump will become the hero to the world and surely to America simply by making a deal with Kim, if that is indeed possible at all.  But try anyway.

Third, by talking to Trump, Kim is buying even more time to develop his long-range missiles so at least one of them will be able to reach America.  Hum!  It really is amazing how so-called intellectuals really are lacking in the intelligence department.  The question is that they know how to read, but do they know how to think?  Again, really?  Instead of thinking about time to develop a nuclear and the means to get it to America, why not think about taking the time to stop Kim from developing his nuclear bombs and the means to get them to America in the first place.  Let this sentence sink into your thick heads.  Ten more years of a possible nuclear war with North Korea, or ten years of economic development in North Korea.  Hum, it seems easy enough to me!

In short, Trump has nothing to lose, but he might be able to solve a really big current nuclear problem, and a bigger possible future nuclear problem by meeting with Kim and by trying to communicate with Kim, even as America’s navy and battleships are stationed in Kim backyard waters, that Kim has something to gain from talking to Trump and by making a deal with Trump, America, and the world at large.  Kim has everything to gain and that is the economic help, assistance, and development from America and other countries too, like South Korea, etc.

Trump is already a leader of a global economic giant and its military superpower.  Kim is a leader of a non-existent economic and military country, even if he has a few nuclear bombs.  In one sense, those nuclear bombs mean almost absolutely nothing because no matter what he does with his nuclear bombs, he will absolutely lose in any military conflict with the United States and with other countries too.  Mind you, every country could lose something in a major international conflict in a world war.  Planet earth would hurt too.  More biological species destroyed in a nanosecond.

So, what should Trump’s goal be at this meeting with Kim?  ( Just in case Trump and his advisers are reading this.  And I know you might be, so listen up! ) Trump’s goal should be to translate Kim’s objective from being a losing military leader to being an economic hero.  I mean it.  Trump can not say to Kim, well you have had your fun being a make-believe military leader, but now it is time to put all of your toys away until the sun dies out.  That is not the solution here.  Although, if you do not denuclearize, the world will squeeze the economic life out of you.

The solution here is for Trump to say, ‘Look, you put your military toys away.  Then and only then will America and other nations including South Korea will help you develop your country in economic ways that you can not even begin to imagine.  It is called Economic Development!  America has already used this language with other countries.  Just read the book, ‘Economic Hitman.’ by John Perkins published in 2004.  It has been a long time since I have read the book, but you will get his general idea rather quickly.  Only this time the primary objective will be to get rid of Kim’s nuclear threat and to replace his dad’s way of thinking with a new way of thinking, which includes a complete change in the economic situation of North Korea.

If Trump could only convince Kim himself could truly become an economic hero to his own people by making a deal with the world by economic development instead of with nuclear weapons and bombs, Trump might have rare shot at going down in history as his own type of hero.  Instead of Kim being a lowlife dictator, whose economic future is only going to get not only worse if he does not give up his nuclear dreams and desires, but its economic future will get better if he gives up his mentally delusional way of thinking that the world is his enemy.  The world is not the enemy.  It is Kim and his backward way of thinking that is the enemy to his own people, and to himself too.
Trump cannot go into the meeting with Kim with nothing to give in return for Kim’s gift to the world of giving up his nuclear desires and dreams.  Trump must convince Kim that the world and all of the countries in the world are not the enemies of North Korea.  In the same sentence must be the words, “You must and if you do give up your nuclear arsenal and in return, the world will help North Korea’s economic development, for the good of its people and its nation too.

Just the fact that Kim wants to meet with Trump implies many things, some might be good and some might be bad.  But one thing must be sure, Kim and his country are starting to feel the United Nation’s economic tightrope squeezing North Korea to death, along with the US Navy parked on international waters next to North Korea.  This is the only way Kim will learn that he can not threaten the world with nuclear play toys.  But if he does want to play with nuclear play toys, Kim must understand that he be squeezed to economic death slowly but surely, and the US Navy will destroy him as fast as possible.  If Kim does not want to be squeezed to economic death by the world, and he is convinced to give up his nuclear toys and in return, he will get economic help from the world.  It is almost to easy to think about!  Of course, it will not be an easy deal for Trump for to make, but maybe Trump can make the deal.  Would that be grand!

It is time for writers about Trump to stop ripping him for all of the petty reasons why this meeting with Kim could be bad, could turn out bad, or even is bad because no other president never had the balls or basically the will to communicate with North Korea to solve such an issue such as nuclear weapons and economic development in one meeting.  This is a rare moment for the world to solve an international and global problem.  Nuclear weapons are a very big problem, and now it is Trump’s turn at that batter’s plate.  The world should remain silent during Trump’s turn at the batter’s cage when he tries to communicate with Kim.  The world should be praying to the heavens above that Trump will hit the ball out of the ballpark.  There is no other choice here but for Trump to meet Kim head on, face to face, and at least tone down Kim’s mental attitude that the world and especially America is the enemy of North Korea.

The past is long gone, and the future is the here and now.  If Trump does only one thing of importance in his presidency, it should be to handle Kim’s mental state of mind and the threat of his nuclear weapons.  Go ahead Trump, make a deal with Kim.  I think it is the biggest deal of your life!  Not only from saving one island located out in the ocean from being nuked off the face of the earth, but to set an example that the pen, ( meaning words ) is more powerful than the sword, ( meaning nuclear weapons.)

My Regards and Best of Luck too.  You are going to need it.

Mr. George D. Patnoe ., Jr!

March 12, 2018.

PS. If Trump cannot make a deal with Kim, squeeze him even harder!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Aliens Visitors From Outer Space ... Are The Astrophysicists Crazy, Stupid, or What? By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 Aliens Visitors From Outer Space ... Are The Astrophysicists Crazy, Stupid, or What?

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 March 11, 2018.

 It was very late in the AM hours when I was checking out the website  ( )  It was on a Facebook page.  A well-known scientist was quoted and posted as saying that he wanted or to expected to see alien visitors from outer space before he died.  All I could think as I responded to his wishful thinking is, REALLY?  For so many reasons.  I like to think that even though I actually live in the mental world of reality within my own mind and consciousness, that I also live in the reality of the world too, which includes the cosmic universe that the human species is living in at this moment.  Even if some people like to state that everything the human species sees with its eyes is only an illusion or a mental perception of the human mind, there is more to their mental concept of an illusionary cosmic universe that is only located within the realm of the human mind and human consciousness.  Pretty big statements already, but more below.

 In a way they are correct.  But in another way they are wrong because even if what the human mind sees as reality is an illusion, within the higher levels of metaphysics and other mental stuff, the lower levels outside those higher metaphysical levels must still be handled, which includes the cosmic universe and any possible cosmic alien species that the human species can see with its eyes and telescopes too.  The current cosmic universe is still there as a reality that has to be dealt with on many levels of existence.  After all, if a comet is a mental illusion because on a higher level of existence it is not actually real, but it hits earth anyway, well, then that is a major problem for the survival of all life on planet earth.  A lot of human brains are mentally delusional in their one-dimensional minds.

 Anyway, I was reading what some of the people were responding to this scientist’s wish and I thought they were all ignorant and really stupid for all sorts of reasons, mainly because none of them wrote anything that made any actual intelligent sense within the scope of logic whatsoever.  So I started to write down some stuff for the fun of it because I wanted to demonstrate a higher sense of logic than the illogical statements that were being written down.  Do these people actually read and think at all?
 So one of my remarks was this, “Do any of you really want to see a huge alien spaceship from outer space with creatures you can not communicate with in any manner whatsoever flying their alien spaceship above planet earth?  This is not the movies where the human species is going to win a possible war with an intergalactic species with advanced technology and spaceships and very possible destructive weapons too.  I have watched many alien movies.  Battleship is my favorite, at
( )  and I still think it is the best alien movie out there.  Just my opinion!

 But the human species always wins somehow because it is a movie.  Movies are not reality.  Movies are the real illusion that the human species like to believe in because it is very easy to believe in and live in a mental fantasy.  If there are alien species living out there in the cosmic universe, the human species is not prepared to have them visit planet earth or the human species.  It is bad enough that the human species has gone off the deep end of sanity in so many other ways and now the human species wants to invite an alien species to planet earth to visit the human species.  Really?  So now it wants an advance alien cosmic species to fly down to planet earth and visit the human species.  The human species can not even communicate with each other and it wants to try to communicate with an advanced cosmic alien species?  Really?  Where is the common sense logic to that dreamy and insane wish?

I made a few more remarks and I received the responses that I expected.  So I had to add on one more remark just to demonstrate that I was actually a million of times smarter than them by using real intelligent logic and by adding a really intelligent remark with a huge sense of scientific intelligent logic that for some reason, I have not heard or read from any astrophysical scientist anywhere on earth.  That remark I will repeat here just for fun and my enjoyment too.

 It has been stated that the current cosmic universe is expanding at the speed of light, which is around 186,000 miles per second.  Now that is really fast.  But it has also been stated that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, so how could an advanced alien cosmic species ever arrive at planet earth if they have not done so already unless they are traveling faster than the speed of light, just to catch up with the speed of the expansion of the current cosmic universe?  Can my readers get a mental picture of the cosmic and alien model I am explaining here?

 If an advanced cosmic alien species can not travel faster than the speed of light, and the current universe is expanding at the speed of light, or 186,000 per miles second, how are they ever going to arrive at earth if they have not arrived already?  What a mind-blowing mental concept that defiles the logic of individual human minds who study astrophysics for a living, after getting their masters and Ph, D degrees in astrophysics.

 And here is the punch line for today’s very short writing composition.  If an advanced cosmic species did arrive at earth one day, it will be very possible they have arrived at planet earth because they have traveled through a different space-time dimension in a different cosmic universe to arrive at the very small planet earth with its violent human species.  And that my dear readers, is even more scarier than if they had arrived at planet earth in his cosmic space-time dimension in the here and now!

 Now, I can hear and I know all of the arguments about advanced alien cosmic species having already arrived here on planet earth and there is evidence at Area 51 and all of the stuff on Youtube, etc.  But even if alien spacecraft have already arrived here on planet earth, does the human species really need an even more complex situation now when there are so many other problems that the human species has to deal with such as a real-time nuclear war or World War III?

 Maybe what that famous astrophysics should have asked for and dreamt about is an advancement within the structure of the human brain, mind, and consciousness for the current and future survival of the human species.  You must understand my dear readers, that is my dream and wish for the human species.  For the human species to advance out of its animal mentality of killing and murdering and war, and the even worse mentality than what the animals possess, and to advance into its own higher realm of consciousness.  Then and only then will the human species be ready for true visits from other worlds and universes.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Two Picnic Tables. One Wood, One Steel. ( A Bridge and City Pipes too. ) By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 Two Picnic Tables.   One Wood, One Steel.   ( A Bridge and City Pipes too. )

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 March 10, 2018

 It is a funny thing about backyards, they can teach you many things, as a boy or as a man.  When I was a boy, living with my human parents, they owned a huge thick wooden backyard table.  It was strong enough to have a big backyard party on it, with lots of food, and with many people sitting on its very strong and thick seats.  It was very heavy too.  I do not think that one person could pick it up all by themselves.  But maybe they could flip it over and over again until they moved where they wanted it moved.

 I actually have a few tables in my backyard, both wood, steel, and wood and steel.  I notice a very nice wood table that came with four wooden chairs.  It is a perfect square table.  It looked very nice when I bought it and I thought maybe it would last a long time.  But then at the very same store, I bought a strong thick steel backyard table with its four chairs and I never really used it that much because it was a different style and it was a roundtable.  It looked like a backyard table to have tea in England or someplace where people only wanted to talk or have a conversation.  I usually work on my tables in one form or another.  But I sometimes love talking on the phone.  A remote telephone does not need a table.  These tables are protected from nature’s elements only to a degree.

 The wooden square table is really good for a laptop or notebook or even a regular book, but the roundtable seemed to be out of place because it has very limited space, whereas the square table has more space to work on.  But both the square and roundtable could take the weight of the coffee cup or the soda cup and some food too.  But do you know what the problem was with both the backyard wood and steel tables.  It was the weather, and more specifically the rain or water.  The rain, meaning water in general, could and would damage anything it touches, or almost anything it touches.  I cover my tables with plastic tarps to protect them from the rainwater, but still, they get wet sometimes.  Of course, fish love the water, so they are really safe from water.  Human are not so lucky!

 The rain, again meaning water, once it touches a piece of wood, the wood rot starts to happen.  The rain, again meaning water, once it touches steel, etc., causes rust.  So, therefore, I had spent good and hard earned money on something, an item or an object that was doomed to be destroyed by the weather, again meaning rain or water, etc.  Once the natural elements started their dirty handy work that only nature can do without even thinking about it, even on the tiny micro scale of existence, the table’s decay was started.  Oh yes, that goes for the sun too.  The hot sun causes its own damage to wood and steel, and so does the change in temperatures too.  And this happens with every piece of wood and steel in the world, esp., wood and steel created by human beings.

 And that is one of the reasons for paint.  Every day, weather permitting, of course, there are painters on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco painting that huge bridge over any areas that are beginning to rust.  So that we can see.  Do you know what we can not see?  We can not see the water pipes and sewer pipes, etc. that are hidden under the ground that are rusting out in probably every city in America and around the world too.  Sooner or later those hidden pipes and stuff under the ground will be needed to be replaced.  Good luck with that, all of you city managers.

I can always replace my backyard wood and steel tables just by going to a store again, and again, and again!

Friday, March 9, 2018

My New Personal / Business Card. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 My New Personal / Business Card.

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 March 9, 2018

 Today I ordered my new personal cards.  They are not really business cards, but in a way, they are business cards if you consider what I do a business.  I feel really good about them too.  I improved my personal cards because they are very important to me.  You may be thinking why they are so important to me and I will explain why having a good personal or business card is very important to anyone, whether they are in business or if they simply want a personal card to present to strangers who might need to know something about you, your life, business, or purely for contact information.  Would having a personal card be really good for dating?  Maybe?

 Over the many years, I have been on earth, I have seen and handled countless business cards over the years that business people and non-business people alike have given to me.  Being an artist I have always looked at each card very carefully, sometimes very quickly and sometimes for a very long period of time wondering what were they thinking when they made their business or personal card.  I was once handed a business card by a lawyer and even though I liked her a lot, I did not like her business card at all.  And because I am an honest person, and I wanted to help her with her business, I decided to tell her what I thought of the card’s black background and purple letters that were so small that any pair of eyes looking at those very small purple letters and numbers would have to work really hard to see her contact and business information.  All I said to her was that she should change the purple letters and numbers to white letters and numbers so people could actually see and read the letters and numbers on her business card.  I do not think she liked me making the good suggestion to her even though she knew it was a good suggestion.

 I was once handed a business / personal card from an old man who was no longer in business and I wondered why he handed me a business / personal card when he was not working.  But the very idea that he presented a card to me with a flare of professionalism impressed me so much that I decided to get my own business / personal card.  I wanted people to know something about me because I have this dynamic voice that brings people’s brains to life in one way or another.  So when my business / personal card is presented to them, they not only hear my dynamic voice, but they also see a sense of professionalism, and they learn something about me too.  And they get to know something about me if I want them to know something about me.  I do not hand out my personal cards to just anyone, and neither should you.  Usually, people are impressed when I have acted in a professional manner with my personal card.

 In an age where a great many people are posting pictures and information about themselves, their families, and their lives online, so strangers all around the globe can see into their business lives, their personal lives, their families lives, etc., a personal card would help them get even more viewers into their personal life.  But somewhere a line has to be drawn because not all strangers should know everything about you and your families.  The world is full of people who are dangerous and criminal.  And in my opinion, people give out way too much information about themselves and their families on the world wide web.  Instead, maybe people should use the old fashion method to bring attention to themselves especially in person by handing out their business / personal cards.  But heck, who wants to go back to the good old days of business / personal cards because how could anyone give out a business / personal card to a stranger on the other side of the globe!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Sister Calls Her Brother On His Birthday. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe ., Jr!

 A Sister Calls Her Brother On His Birthday.

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe ., Jr!

 March 7th, 2018

 Is it the old saying true, ‘That blood is thicker than water?’  I still do not know.  But maybe you know how it goes with families, especially between brothers and sisters.  They are born of the same parents but when they all get older, over the legal age of 18 years of age, they all go their own ways.  It happens all over the world.  In America, China, Russia, Canada, Mexico, etc, etc, etc.  It is an unwritten part of life.  At first there is the playing of games when living together as children, and then there is the grown-up world where games become fewer and fewer until all there is for the brothers and sisters is the serious games of human survival, which means it is every person for himself or herself in a dog eat dog world.

 There are always those family holidays for some families like Thanksgiving and Christmas in some countries when some family members are seated around a big table and there is plenty of food to eat and maybe a movie to watch or maybe a football game.  But during the year, there might be silence as each brother and sister have to combat the world and plays its serious games of getting a university degree in something, and then finding a job to make money, and if babies are being made, there is no time left for anything else except for the unconscious breathing that takes place with every motion of the lungs.

 The problems with brothers and sisters, especially in large families, is not only family politics, but brothers and sisters know each other too well, like they know stuff that the outside world is not supposed to know about people, even in grade school, or high school, or maybe even in college or in the university.  Plus, there are always those family secrets like hidden violence or some other immoral act that may take place in some families.

 But truth be told, while each brother and sister, whatever the case may be, while they are separated by their own life adventures, and their own decisions, they are also divided by space and time itself on planet earth.  That is correct!  Just like the planets that are revolving around the sun within their own space-time universe, so too are those brothers and sisters that are revolving around the space and time on the planet earth.  And man, time moves really fast on planet earth too.  One moment everyone is young, and then like in a puff of smoke, 50 or 60 or 100 years goes by and then it seems like everyone in that family of brothers and sisters turns older, and not only are they getting older, they know it.  They feel it too.

 They also know that all of their so-called friends and co-workers that they have met, hung out with, worked with, and partied with are all off into the sunset of their own deaths, because death is something everyone has to deal with within their own lives, and within the lives of their brothers and sisters too.  Everyone has lost a friend to death, but to lose a brother or sister to death is something altogether different.  A lifetime of blood ties is gone to the afterlife.  But with one phone call on a birthday, blood may still be thicker than water!  And it may be thicker than death too.  Let us hope so for all brothers and sisters who still live on planet earth.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A Drunk Meth-Head Murders a Wife and a Daughter. When Will the Stupid Foolishness Murder Ever Stop? By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 A Drunk Meth-Head Murders a Wife and a Daughter.

 When Will the Stupid Foolishness Murder Ever Stop?

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 March 6, 2018

 Today, I was traveling south on a major US highway, when I decided to exit the highway to buy a few needed things at a store.  I did not really need or want to go into that store, but it was a gut feeling that I should go there.  It was a beautiful day too.  The sun kept the air warm, and the sky was so light blue that it could be believed that everyone was enjoying the remarkable weather for such a winter’s day, even in California, USA.  And yet, for a least one man, it was not a beautiful day, even if he needed the good weather to help him get to Tucson Arizona.

 Just the night before, he was sleeping in his sleeping bag, somewhere in nature’s outdoors when he swung his arm around his wife Tara who was sleeping next to him, in their bed, just as they had done for over ten years of marriage.  But his hand hit a patch of dirt, and so he awoke from his dream.  She was never going to be alive ever again to be next to her husband.  And Heru would never again swing his arm around his wife.  And her husband Heru would have to learn to live without her for the rest of his life, except with the pain in his heart, always there, lingering in his mind, with the memories of their life together.  The tears rolled from his eyes, and in the grand miracle of the living earth he was still alone just like he was from December 17, 2017, when he learned that his wife Tara and daughter Cassandra  had been killed, and therefore murdered by a drunk meth-head who had a heart attack while he was driving his Ford 350 pickup truck, after a night of drinking and taking meth and other drugs too.

 Heru was sitting on the black tar on the off exit to a highway, hitchhiking for a ride with his thump high in the air.  I have not seen a hitchhiker for years, but I have seen a movie, “Into The Wild.” and I have been reading the book, “Into The Wild.” about a true story of a hitchhiker who had no family at all, but who traveled the with his thump up in the air too.  He too was an interesting character for a movie and for a book.  I decided to pull over partly because of the movie and book, but partly because I am a nice guy who likes helping people whenever I can help someone in need, even in the smallest possible way.  I learned that he had been sitting there on that black tar for a few hours, waiting for someone to give him a ride south.

 So Heru started telling me his story after I gave him a bottle of water to drink.  His huge backpack was in the back seat of my car, and the traffic was a bit crazy because, for some reason, some people think that they can drive like race car drivers on American highways.  Maybe that is what the drunk meth-head druggie driver thought when he started to drive with so much alcohol and meth and other drugs inside his biological body that his heart had decided to stop pumping blood throughout his body as he was driving his Ford 350 pickup truck down a very long highway.  Which lead to that driver dying in his Ford 350 pickup truck as it swerved off the highway and directly into the path of a chevy neon car with two living human beings who were also enjoying the weather, and who had no idea that their futures lives would be stopped in an instant after they saw the Ford 350 pickup truck heading directly into their car.  Who knows what the mother and daughter were thinking when they knew that they were about to be in a major car accident, and when they also thought that they were going to die too.

 The drunk meth-head druggie did not give a damn about killing and murdering anyone when he started to drink beer or whatever, and take some meth and other drugs and then step into has fancy and expensive to big of a truck and drive down the road.  And he did not care when he had a heart attack and when his truck swayed over the grass into the other side of the highway.  He was already almost dead so he would not have to live with his decision and memories of killing and murdering normal people who happened to be mother and daughter, and a wife too. But because his Ford 350 pickup truck slammed so hard into the tiny chevy neon car, at just the correct angle, the truck flipped over the car, causing the driver with a self-induced heart attack to instantly break his own neck and die too.

 I was still driving my car when he told me the story, but I had to turn my head towards him to see his face.  I wanted to look at the face of sadness.  There was so much sadness in his face that the sadness was embedded into his skin.  His redden swollen eyes were worn out from his crying in his moments alone on the road and in nature too.  Of course, my mind went into overdrive to give him some advice, but I was really thinking out loud to myself because I have ‘lost’ loved ones to death too, as everyone who is still living will experience one day or another.  The emotional pain will always be there, and it might never go away completely because living human beings have to go on with their lives because they have no choice but to go on with their earthly lives.  The mental pain will slowly lessen and maybe even stop.  But the memories will never stop.  Heru’s memories of his wife and daughter will never go away, like money in a bank’s savings account.

 What should go away is those human beings who think that they can drive drunk or even combine drinking with other drugs and get into a car or a massive truck and kill and murder innocent people.  There are so many laws to stop drunken drivers, etc. and there are even lots of police who try to catch those drunken drivers on drugs who think that their brains can withstand the effects of alcohol and drugs.  But there are so many stupid human beings on earth that do not care if they kill and murder other human beings with their cars and trucks.  Even that is sad!

 A semi-truck driver saw that I was buying Heru some food and drink at a trucker’s gas station stop.  He walks over to us who were sitting at a table eating a sandwich and drinking some soda.  He offered to buy Heru a shower with credits on his gas card.  Heru was so happy to be able to take a shower that he walked off rather quickly because his shower number was being called over the intercom system in the trucker’s gas station.  He waved goodbye to me with that still sad look on his face.  I will never ever forget the sadness on his face.  And neither should anyone who decides to drive a car or a truck with alcohol and drugs in their system.

 I know that Heru washed his body from the sweat and the dirt from living off the road and the land as he hitchhiked to wherever he was going.  But really, I wish he could wash away the painful memories of the lives of his wife and his daughter that were taken away from earth to soon, and that was taken away from him too soon too.  But I do not think a million showers could ever erase his painful memories of losing his wife and daughter to a drunk driver who was also on drugs.

Nor will the countless other people on earth who have lost their loved ones to the same stupid foolishness of driving drunk and on drugs.  If those stupid foolish drunk and druggie drivers saw how people cry in their showers to hide their tears from the world, then maybe they would stop their stupid and foolish driving drunk and on drugs.  But in reality, they will never stop, and neither will the tears of those people who have to live with their painful memories of their loss of their loved ones.

Monday, March 5, 2018

An Animal Veterinarian Murders A Rabbit. Where are the Animal Police? By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 An Animal Veterinarian Murders A Rabbit.  Where are the Animal Police?

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 March 5, 2018

 This is a true story and a sad story at that.  But this story happens every day all around America, and no government agency gives a damn about it.  But it is about time this story is told and something is done to stop it from ever happening again, for all of the suffering animal pets and pet owners all around America.  You see, America is supposed to be about principles, and laws, and other stuff too, like how not to allow an evil veterinarian to get away with murdering  innocent pet animals on an operating table by a veterinarian who is trying to extort more money from the animal pet owner after the price for services has been agreed upon before the operation. So two crimes by the evil veterinarians are all around America.  First, murdering a pet animal when he could have saved that animal.  Second, trying to extort more money from the pet owner after a price for services rendered was agreed upon before surgery or operation.

 Some time ago, a couple of years ago or so a good size rabbit needed a home.  So this rabbit was adopted by a good home and a good pet owner.  This rabbit was quite a character.  He had big brown and black eyes, and his brown fur was brown and soft too.  He was really friendly.  He played outside by running around 40 rose bushes, and the seven or so trees, and various bushes too.  There was a special place for him to hang out under the warm sunlight, with his buddy the cat.  The cat loved the rabbit too.  They used to hang out in the backyard together like good animal buddies.  The cat and the rabbit would carefully play with each other in various ways, but mainly they were hangout buddies, like buddies who hang out in a bar together drinking and talking.  Or two buddies who fish together at a lake and who also might be drinking a can of beer or some other drink.  Or maybe golfing buddies who only swing at balls for hours.

 Then there was the rabbit’s other buddy the African Grey parrot.  The rabbit and the African Grey parrot slept in the same room, so they were sleeping buddies.  They did not even speak the same language, but they slept in the same room so they developed a lasting bond that continued after the unneeded death of the rabbit, at least for the African Grey Parrot and for the cat too.  Actually, the rabbit never ‘said’ anything, nor did it ever make anything any kind of sound whatsoever.  Which is maybe why after the mean and evil veterinarian who promised that he could save the rabbit for a specific price, did he make a phone call and lie to the rabbit’s owner and also to try to extort more money from the rabbit’s owner after the prices for services agreed upon had been agreed to before the operation.  The veterinarian was safe from being caught while he planned and then when he put the rabbit to sleep, or I mean to death, or I mean murdered the speechless rabbit.

 The conversation went something like this.  A short paraphrase.  The vet. “For 550 US dollars, it should be no problem to save your rabbit.”  “Ok, fine.’ says the rabbit’s owner.  But oh no, the next day the evil and greedy veterinarian telephones the rabbit’s owner up and he says on the phone to the rabbit’s owner, “ First, I am going to lie to you about the condition of your rabbit.  And second, I usually charge $1,500 for this type of operation.  But I can not save your rabbit because I am going to lie to you again about the condition of your rabbit.  Now we have to put your rabbit to sleep, and I, the evil and murderous veterinarian, need you to tell me, that it is ok to put your rabbit to death before its time.”

 After the dead rabbit was taken home, it was discovered that the evil lying veterinarian had indeed lied about the rabbit’s condition.  And not the regular police, nor the animal police, nor the California Veterinarian Board, nor anyone else cared a damn that there that another evil veterinarian killed or murdered another pet animal that could have been saved by another veterinarian who was not an evil veterinarian.  So now, there are countless evil veterinarians in California and all around the United States who practice the unethical and immoral and unprofessional and criminal act of lying, extortion, and the murdering of pet animals.  This practice of evil, greedy, and unethical veterinarians to exhort more money from pet owners after the service price has been agreed upon before surgery or operation and then to extort more money after their pet is on the operating table happens every day in America.  Nobody cares that veterinarians are using the pet owner’s emotions to extort more money from the pet owners after a price has been reached before the operation or surgery or whatever is needed to save the pet animal.

 Here is another question.  If these evil, greedy, unethical, and unprofessional veterinarians were practicing medical doctors for humans, would they not already have been in prison by now?  Or the very least, would they not have lost their veterinarian’s license to practice animal care in a heartbeat?

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