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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

TWO HANDED FEMALE NUDE DRAWINGS. The Ambidextrous Brain and Mind - Consciousness, of Mr. George D. Patnoe's, Ambidextrous

TWO HANDED FEMALE NUDE DRAWINGS.    The Ambidextrous Brain and Mind - Consciousness, of Mr. George D. Patnoe's, Ambidextrous Brain  



Friday, February 8, 2019

Holistic Problem Solving For the Human Species. The Whole versus The Parts. ‘The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts. But You Still Need the Parts Too!’ How Repairing or Refurbishing a Yard Lawn Mower Proves the Point. Wow! That International Space Station Must Be Something! What About Planet Earth? For the Current and Future Survival of the Human Species. Versus. The Current and Future Self-Destruction of the Human Species. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr! February 8th, 2019.

Holistic Problem Solving For the Human Species.
The Whole versus The Parts.
‘The Whole is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts. But You Still Need the Parts Too!’
How Repairing or Refurbishing a Yard Lawn Mower Proves the Point.
Wow! That International Space Station Must Be Something!
What About Planet Earth?
For the Current and Future Survival of the Human Species.
The Current and Future Self-Destruction of the Human Species.
By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!
February 8th, 2019.

The Lawn Mower.
Repairing and refurbishing my 25 year old yard grass cutting lawn mover was a very long and overdue project that needed to be finished before I could cut or mow the front yard grass again. I had simply walked the lawn mower to the front yard and I pulled on the starter cord and nothing happened. Over and over again I was pulling while I was wishing and dreaming that the lawn mower would start so I could cut the front yard’s tall grass. But no! Nothing. So I walked the lawn mower back to the back yard to get started on fixing my 25 year old work horse lawn mower.
What a jerk I was to wait that long but I figured out that fixing the lawn mower could not wait any longer because the lawn mower was now officially dead. Well my dear readers I was thinking two things to myself while I was looking at gas leaking down to the grass and dirt and stuff that had collected on the bottom of the lawn mower. The first think I was thinking to myself was ‘what is actually wrong with the lawn mover?’ And the second thing I was thinking to myself was, ‘Should I fix one single part of the lawn mower or should I do a good job and replace everything I could so I could fix the whole lawn mower?’
Now then, a very real problem with fixing anything is trying to figure out what is the actual problem because there is only so much stuff you can see with your eyes before you start using tools to remove parts from the lawn mower. The problem is that we can only visually see only part of the problem because the human eyes and human brain are very limited in their scope of seeing and sight. In regards to my lawn mower, I saw gas leaking and I thought it was a cracked fuel /gas tank because I could see the long crack in the gas tank. So I found and bought a brand new fuel/gas fuel tank for my lawn mower online at Home Depot. Nope. Still did not work.
I lived next door to a guy named Art who had like five broken lawn movers on the side of his house and I have always wondered why he never fixed any of them. Instead he always bought new lawn mowers. I wondered to myself if he was just stupid or just lazy to learn how to fix a lawn mower. A lot of human beings are like Art, just to stupid and lazy to figure out how to fix things. But then there are a lot of even uneducated human beings who learn how to fix things.
Before I bought the new fuel/gas tank, I had bought glue to try to glue closed the crack in the obvious long crack in the fuel/gas tank. I did not really think it was going to work but I wanted to try anyway. The lawn mower worked for a few months, but it was still leaking fuel or gasoline. So I had thought to myself that if I buy and install a brand new fuel/gas tank that it would work like new. Nope! I was wrong! It was a very easy thing to do, three bolts, nothing more. And guess what my dear readers, nothing like in no start up from the lawn mower. Ok I thought, and I still see gas leaking too. I still see leaking fuel or gasoline. Hum?
So I took off the carburetor and cleaned it after I watched a Youtube video about how to clean a lawn mower’s carburetor. Again it was not a hard job. Unscrew two bolts and use some carburetor and a wire to clean the carburetor. Well it did work for about five seconds, and I still saw leaking fuel/gasoline. Ok, so at least it started for about five seconds which was better than being completely dead. At least there was some hope after all.
I had long ago like six months ago replaced a crack fuel/gas hose and the lawn mower worked just fine, well for a few months. So should not the fuel/gas hose get fuel/gas to the carburetor now? Nope. Why? Because after I replaced the now very clean fuel/gas carburetor, and air filter it still leaked fuel/gas. But then I saw a slightly damaged gasket that was located between the carburetor and the air filter plastic cover and I thought to myself, ‘Should it not work anyway.’ Sure it was going to work anyway, in my dreams.

Why? Because the whole is better than the sum of its parts. Meaning here that every part had to work and be in completely perfect condition for the whole to operate properly. But maybe the phrase should be that even the parts are as important as the whole.
Is that where the fuel/gasoline is leaking from I asked myself and of course the answer was yes. Hum, do I really need to replace a fuel/gas gasket that has been on the lawn mower for over twenty years? Yes, it did need replacing. So I had to go online and find the number to the specific fuel/gas gasket that I needed to very carefully put into the slots of the air filter plastic cover that would be needed to be screwed back onto the side of the fuel/gas carburetor. Only five and two dollars so I got one of each. The five dollar gasket for the next twenty years and the two dollar gasket for after then next 25 years.
While I was waiting for the fuel/gas gasket, I had replaced the spark plug and the air filter with a very new spark plug and very new air cleaner, all the while thinking to myself, ‘I am glad that I am not in the International Space Station, as I clearly had this mental image of the International Space Station with countless hoses and wires and all kinds of stuff for human survival in a Space Station that is floating in the void of empty space with no chance of human life surviving outside the Space Station unless a human being was wearing a space suit with its air hoses, etc.
The day arrives when I decide to install the brand new fuel/gas gasket on the plastic cover that holds the air filter. Then as an experiment I leave off the outside air filter plastic cover that actually holds the air filter onto the carburetor. I try to start the engine by pulling on the rope cord and guess what? Nothing. Nothing at all. Just me wasting muscle energy.
But my dear readers I knew it was not going to work because there are certain laws of physics especially in a close system that have to be obeyed in order to make the closed system, in this case a closed lawn mower system, to work. The lawn mower needed the exact fuel/gas and air mixture ratio to even start the engine. It did not need an open system with the air filter and its black plastic cover off of the lawn mower. So instead of playing with an open system I decided to do the correct thing and make a closed system within the lawn mower by installing the outer black plastic cover with the brand new air filter. I screwed in the one screw and I grabbed onto and I pulled on the rope cord and like magic, the lawn mower started in one clean pull.
Let us repeat for the fun of it. New fuel/gas tank. A new fuel/gas hose. A cleaned carburetor. A new spark plug and a new air filter. And last but not least, a new fuel/gas gasket which stopped the gas from leaking from the lawn mower. Why is that important? Because I did not know when I first saw the leak in the fuel/gas tank that there was a problem of the fuel/gas leaking from the fuel/gas gasket because I could not see the worn out fuel/gas gasket. I did not know that the real problem was a little part of the cardboard gasket missing from the fuel/gas cardboard gasket especially when I saw that very long gas tank crack. In reality I was mislead by what I saw until I took everything apart and I saw the real cause of the gas leak was a worn out paper or cardboard fuel/gas gasket.

The International Space Station.
The International Space Station is a really closed system too with lots of other closed systems and open systems all working so that human beings who live and work on the International Space Station do not die in the International Space Station. I am not an expert on the International Space by any stretch of the imagination. But I do know that every human being on the International Space Station whether they are male or female or white or black or brown or young or old or educated or uneducated (I just had to add that last word) all need clean and good oxygen to live and survive on the International Space Station, for every second that they are breathing air.
The International Space Station and the human beings who live in it all need protection from the cold dark void outside of the Space Station too. Otherwise they will freeze to death within seconds if not faster. There are a host of other issues too that are to long for me to list here, especially since I do not know all of them, but at least I got the clean oxygen and cold void stated. One good size or maybe even a small hole anywhere on the International Space Station and every living being inside it will die either slowly or very fast depending on the situation.

Planet Earth.
Now then my dear readers! What about planet earth? It too is a space station of sorts, floating around the nuclear sun with its dangerous rays streaming down to planet earth and the cold dark void of nothingness of outer space. Planet earth and every human being needs good and clean oxygen and they all need the perfect temperature to survive on planet earth. Planet earth is both a closed and a open system in that from the ‘blue sky’ downwards it is a closed system. But from the ‘blue sky’ upwards it is an open system.
The concept of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts but the parts need to work perfectly too applies to the current and future survival of the human species instead of its current and future self-destruction of the human species. Planet earth is like a space station in that it is floating around the suns and it holds human beings to many laws of physics, ecology, and other stuff too. Each planetary part must work perfectly within the harmony of the whole planetary planet earth. Each human part must work perfectly within the harmony of the whole human species to survive into the future of the human species.
You must understand my dear readers that if the boiling point is ever reached when one of the parts is broke or broken either on a planetary systems or within the human species systems, that will could be the end, the destruction of the human species. It is not a matter of fixing a fuel/gas gasket on a lawn mower even if all of the other parts are broke and need replacing too. If there is one huge broken part on planet earth or within the human species that could be the end of the human species.
Years ago the ozone layer above planet earth was damaged, meaning it was to big, and that caused great concern for the human species. Now it seems to be fixed by becoming smaller for whatever reasons it is smaller. But now there are all sorts of part problems that still need to be fixed. Human beings still have a wrong concept of what God and evil. Human beings are still creating bigger and better weapons of war out of fear, hate, ignorance, and all of the other negative and destructive mental qualities that exist within the human brain, mind, and consciousness.
There is the dividing line between problem or issues of the human species on one hand and the planet earth on the other hand. Both the human species and planet earth each have their own issues and problems relating to the whole and its parts. On the other side of the bigger coin is that the human species needs a perfect planetary earth ‘space ship’ in order to survive but the planet earth does not need the human species to survive in one sense. The second sense would be that all living life on planet earth like all other non-human species and plant and fish species needs the human species not to destroy everything on planet earth, or even earth itself with a nuclear war or even without a nuclear war.
There are new generations of younger human beings who are now growing up and maybe one day they, unlike the older generations, will one day read my words and do what is needed to fix all of the broken or worn out parts on planet earth and even within the human species.
After all, if I live to be a truly old man, I want to be able to mow my green grass with my old lawn mower, if I can still get the parts to fix it to keep the whole lawn mower working.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Is Old Time Christian Religion Stuck in a Rut? My Very Short Conversation with a Lady Walking Her Dog. To Think or Not to Think. That is the Question! By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr! January 25th, 2019.

Is Old Time Christian Religion Stuck in a Rut?
My Very Short Conversation with a Lady Walking Her Dog.
To Think or Not to Think. That is the Question!
By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!
January 25th, 2019.
I was talking to a young lady (about 30 years of age) who was walking her dog away from a church building on a church driveway onto the street. I happened to be walking along side her when out of the blue she asked me a question which was straight forward and very direct from one stranger to another stranger. There was not even a hello, just the question, “Are you religious?” I paused and waited to answer the question as my mind raced around inside itself to answer the question, which I did in two sentences.
The first answer was something like, “I think most religious people are ignorant because they do not know the real spiritual and metaphysical meanings of the Holy Bible because they do not know what the true symbolism of the Holy Bible are since it was written so long ago. If they knew the real spiritual and metaphysical symbolism of the Holy Bible, they would not be so ignorant about the Holy Bible and their Christian religions. Of course this applies to other religions as well, but I am assuming you mean am I a religious Christian and the answer would be an almost no.”
The second answer was something like, “I am more of an intellectual, spiritual, and metaphysical human being.” as I looked at her face to see what kind of reactions I was going to get from her brain because I was assuming that she was not expecting those answers from a stranger on a sidewalk.
It is sort of funny how many conversations I have had with people when I was just walking somewhere and a complete and utter stranger would start to talk with me because maybe I could be a good looking talker or maybe for some other unknown reasons that I am not aware of yet.
Because I knew that this conversation was going to be really short, I decided to take a risk while we were talking because if she was a Christian religionist I knew that whatever I stated or said to her that was not inside her brainwashed Christian religious brain would probably make her distance herself from me in the future so I better leave her with something to think about for the rest of her petty life on planet earth. Although she looked like someone I might take out for coffee or a meal to talk to because she was a sharp talker, but not smarter than me.
We stopped on sidewalk and I petted her dog. Her dog was sniffing my pants as he tried to figure out all of the smells that were on my pants because I own a few pets too. He looked like a very nice and gentle dog which might have reflected his owner who might looked like she was a nice and gentle female too. Hum, maybe she would ask me out for a coffee or diner? She was already mentally confused because I did not answer her question with a simple yes or no answer. 
So we are just standing there and she talks to me about her dog and after she stops I look up and her and I state, “You know that there are many modern day words and concepts that are not in the Holy Bible that are used today. Well some of them are in the Holy Bible if you know the Holy Bible’s symbolism, but not all of the words and concepts.” She looks at me like this concept is all new to her Christian religious mind. The concept that there are modern day words and concepts that are not in the Holy Bible.
So I continued to talk to this young lady who I was trying to figure out if she really wanted to date me or if she was just picking my mind for answers about God, evil, or about human life in general. As I stated to one religious Christian man over the summer, I am on call 24 hours a day to talk to anyone about anything whatsoever, even without a moments notice. Of course, it was not literal because I my brain needs to rest in sleep mode.
We live in a world where human beings are constantly talking to each other and they are not saying anything of real importance. It has been stated that 97 percent of all communication is garbage communication. So I try to not talk garbage. So let me continue on with my story my dear readers. I hope you are enjoying the story up to this point. Are you asking yourself if we ever dated? You will never know!
As my face is slowly rising up to meet her face I say to her, “There are words like consciousness and neuroscience that are not in the Holy Bible.” as I point to my brain. “You know, how the brain works. And did you know that some neuro-scientists who study the human brain question and ask themselves if the human consciousness in limited or stuck inside the human brain? Because of all of the human beings who have Out-Of-Body experiences.”
Well that did the trick! Her face and mind was united as one in a state of confusion. And that is what she gets for asking me a very seeming simple and direct question like, “Are you religious?” So I pause and I waited for her hopefully intelligent response but all I got from her for a response was the statement, “Well I got to go and make dinner now.” Really? That was the best response she could have given me at any moment during the day.
But what do my dear readers expect from an uneducated Christian religionist or any old time religionist who only reads the words of the Holy Bible or any religious books and who does not actually study the Holy Bible or any religious book and who does not know how to think. Of course this concept of reading words from any religious books like the Koran too.
Here is a question for emotional minded religionists, “Why is it so easy for you to be brainwashed when it comes to religion. Is it because you are mentally lazy and you do not want to think about what you are reading and what you are believing in because you want to belong to a religious group of people who all want to falsely believe in fake religious concepts that are not real at all, especially in this modern day world of modern day sciences?
She starts to walk away from me and I ask her from a good distance, “So what did you think about our short conversation?” She replies to me, “You have your truth and I have my truth.”
I and my brain and ears and my mind and consciousness could not believe it my dear readers. ‘I have my truth and she has her truth.’ What kind of mentally lazy mind is now walking down the street to begin to cook her dinner and eat food while she is watching the nightly news on CNN or Fox News or whatever. That concept of truth may apply to politics or economics but not towards to TRUTH like in God.
Maybe that is only one of the biggest problems in the world today. There are mentally delusional religionists who think that know something about truth or the Truth after they have read some words in a book or belong to a group of similar non-thinking or brainwashed religionists. I have known a lot of people who belong to a Christian church and most of them seem like very nice people and they love Jesus and they truly believe that the man Jesus is going to get them to a place call heaven because they simply believe in Jesus and a place called heaven.
Or they falsely believe that the man Jesus is and was God. Not true! Or they believe that the man Jesus is going to return to earth one day and he is going to fly through the sky all around the globe and then he is going lift up all of the mentally delusional Christian religious believers, both living and dead, and bring them all to a new heaven and a new earth. Nope! Not going to happen that way.
That is not the way it is going to happen my dear Christian religionists readers, no matter how much you want to believe in that Christian religious fancy, it is simply not going to happen. I do not mean to hurt your weak religious feelings, but it is my job to write and state the truth and the Truth.
The lady walking her dog is walking away and I say out loud so she can hear it, “Another ignorant human being.” She flips her heads towards me and I look into her eyes with the stare of, ‘Yea, that is correct lady.’ So much for a coffee or a dinner date. Like I care! If she only knew what I was thinking at the exact moment. You know what my one thought was at that exact moment my dear readers?
I was thinking to myself, ‘If she only knew the book that I was currently reading and that I was trying to finish reading and that I actually finished yesterday. It is an easy read. Kaku wrote it in 1997 so it was fun finding out how much of the book became fulfilled. You know, among all of the other stuff I am reading.
If the lady who believes in my truth and your truth knew about the book titled, “VISIONS. How Science Will Revolutionize The 21st Century. By: Michio Kaku. With its three main sections in the book titled, ‘The Computer Revolution. The Biomolecular Revolution. The Quantum Revolution.
And the crazy thing about our conversation, which will share some light on the modern day religious Christian was another statement I made and how she answered it. I said to her, “Now we have very high powered telescopes and they can observe the cosmic universe in so many ways that they can see a man on the moon playing with a ball in his hand. But they have not seen a heaven or a hell. So if a heaven or a hell does exist does exit, it must exist in a different universe. Like how some modern day astrophysicists and others believe that there might be multi-universes and parallel cosmic universes next to our own cosmic universe.”
She looked down at the ground after that statement and she said, “Yea, and really powerful telescopes. Really powerfully telescopes.’
You see my dear readers, the lady walking her dog was not totally stupid or uneducated. She just does not know how to think. So I helped her to think during our conversation so now when she is taking a shower or washing dishes she might ponder our conversation and she will begin to think for herself instead of being completely brainwashed with false, fake, and bogus religious outdated concepts that have not one ounce of TRUTH on planet earth or in any cosmic universe either.
And now for some good stuff for my dear readers to ponder. On the very last page of the book VISIONS by Michio Kaku. On page number 355 he states, “For we are no longer passive observers of the dance of nature; we are in the process of becoming active choreographers. ... As our understanding .... (we) are able to become masters of space and time.” That is what and how the physical and material scientists are thinking in their level of understanding and thinking.
But truth be told, Jesus the Christ had already overcome space and time over 2000 years ago. Jesus the Christ overcame all of the material limitations of space, time, and death. But he did it on a metaphysical and spiritual level. But do you know what I think Jesus would have thought about all of our high powered telescopes.
If Jesus could have looked though all the modern day telescopes he would have thought to himself, “Wow that is really cool. But I am still the Christ Consciousness. My true spiritual self-hood does not live in a biological body nor does it live in a space-time universe, nor does it know anything of being born, maturity, dying, and death. The part of me that seems like skin, and bones, and blood is not my real life. My real life is the Life of God, Spirit, not matter.
The modern day Christian religionists do not want to think in those metaphysical and spiritual terms. The modern day Christian religionists do not want to think like Jesus thought. Most human beings do not want to think at all about anything. They just want food to eat, maybe have some sex, have a place or shelter to live, have some money to buy clothes and other stuff that are needed to survive in this modern high tech world.
Here is the sad part my dear readers. While the modern day Christian religionists are preparing for the end of the world and the doom and hell they believe that will end earth and all living life on planet earth, the modern day scientists are trying to save the world and the human species from destruction. Who would Jesus have more respect for, the religious doomsayers or the modern day scientists?

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Saturday, January 19, 2019

God-Spirit, Jesus the Christ, Ancient or Modern Aliens and UFOs. How Would So-Called Modern Day Christians and Religionists View Other Life Forms. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr! January 19th, 2019.

God-Spirit, Jesus the Christ, Ancient or Modern Aliens and UFOs.
How Would So-Called Modern Day Christians and Religionists  View Other Life Forms.
By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!
January 19th, 2019.
To my dear readers who live with me on planet earth, for a good year or so I have been watching off and on the History Channel’s show ‘Ancient Aliens’ which is usually being broadcast on Friday late day to late night. As usual, there is so much speculation and bs on the show that I sometimes just listen to classical or jazz music and watch the pictures or videofootage because the visual footage from around the globe in other countries is just amazing. What is not so amazing is some of the theories that the people who are talking on the show try to come up with to explain what they think about how ancient aliens or other cosmic or otherworldly beings could have influenced life and humans on planet earth in one way or another way in the distant past.
So as is usual for my highly developed brain, mind, and consciousness, or my intellectual state of being, I could not help but wonder, meaning I could not help but think about the complex relationships between as the current title suggests the relationships between a God-Spirit, Jesus the Christ, and other cosmic intelligent beings who did or do now possess the intelligence to build UFOs to travel throughout this cosmic universe or who travel between other cosmic universe to this cosmic universe and what role they may have played if in any part whatsoever with the development and history of the human species.
So since this is really a short free online essay for my dear readers around the world to read, I will try to keep it simple by laying out this free online essay by the three parts of the title, God-Spirit, Jesus the Christ, and Ancient Aliens. And then I will try to make some logical deductions about these three areas of spiritual metaphysical thought, the human man named Jesus, and the concept of possible Ancient Aliens or otherworldly beings.
God is Spirit.
In the Holy Bible there are four gospels and within those four gospels there are statements spoken supposedly from the mouth of a human man named Jesus who was the Christ meaning spiritual consciousness. One of these statements is, “God is Spirit.” And “They who worship him must worship him (God) in spirit and in truth.” He never stated that so-called Christians had to worship God or Spirit by going to a building called a church or to repeat religious words over and over again with no real meaning, power, or effect on the lives of living human beings.
Second, there was a woman named Mary Barker Eddy who wrote a book titled, ‘Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures which last copyrighted in the year 1910. Recently, I have been reading that book slowly again from front cover to the end and she, just like Jesus but only more so in 600 pages of written modern day text states and explains that God is Spirit and not matter. Everyone should read this book but just do not go to the church which was supposed to be dissolved the day she died or sometime after her death. So again, the modern day church building that she once built means almost nothing now. But her book means so much because it makes many metaphysical statements such as God is Spirit, just Jesus did over 2000 years ago.
Jesus the Christ.
Ok now! Nobody has a picture of photo of Jesus to put on a Face book page. But there are all kinds of artist renderings of what Jesus might have looked like over 2000 years ago. The Discovery Channel actually had professional people who are experts in the face industry do a real analysis of what the face of Jesus probably looked like over 2000 years ago and no modern day artist ever comes to close to what the real face of Jesus probably looked like 2000 years ago.
What the current human species does have is the words which he supposedly spoke and which were written down for people to read. The point here is that over 2000 years ago there was a partly human man with skin and bones, etc who was also a partly spiritual or metaphysical man who had contact with angels, and/or other worldly beings on top of a mountain and in other places too. Jesus the Christ means that the human Jesus had a spiritual consciousness which my dear readers can have too if they followed the needed steps to gain a metaphysical and spiritual consciousness even while they possess a human form of skin and bones.
We can all assume that if the stories in the Holy Bible’s gospels are even slightly true, then the human and divine Jesus was a very important human being who had contact with other otherworldly creatures even if those creatures were not of the Ancient Alien variety or of the UFO variety either. But who knows! Maybe back then there were UFOs that were seen by mere mortals or human beings who knew that they saw something flying around in the sky but heck, what were they going to do or say about it especially to Rome?
Another point here. If Jesus did have contact with other worldly creatures whether those creatures were some type of angels or normal people who had died after living on earth but who communicated with Jesus somehow in this plane of existence, or even if Jesus had contact with some sort of otherworldly aliens who could communicate with Jesus because you know, Jesus was a special human being, then what would had Jesus done about it, like telling everyone he was in contact and had communicated with other worldly creatures? Who would have believed him since they barely believed in his other supernatural acts and actions while he lived on planet earth.
Ancient Aliens.
In the History Channels’ Ancient Aliens series, there are so many fake, false, and bogus theories and assumptions that almost always start off with the ‘What if...’ phrase or question or statement.
noun: assumption; plural noun: assumptions; noun: Assumption
1. a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.
"they made certain assumptions about the market"
supposition, presupposition, presumption, premise, belief, expectation, conjecture, speculation, surmise, guess, theory, hypothesis, postulation, conclusion, deduction, inference, thought, suspicion, notion, impression, fancy; guesswork, guessing, reckoning; informal guess estimate
"the statistic is only an informed assumption" (Taken off the world wide web)
Ancient means really old, like so old there can never be any proof whatsoever about whether ancient aliens ever existed or if they had anything to do with life on earth or if they had ever discovered planet earth. But the show has some really interesting pictures and videos from places all around the globe for people to view and see especially if those people are never going to get on an airplane to travel to those remote places to view and see and discover.
Ok then! Let us explore a few points here to do a slight wrap-up.
If God is Spirit and not matter, then God-Spirit does not even see a physical space-time cosmic universe, or a living physical and material planet earth, nor does God-Spirit see human beings with their infinite problems either. Sorry you fanciful emotional religionists, God does not see your mental delusions about God or Jesus, nor does God-Spirit see all of your human and earthly problems. That is not the way it works in the true metaphysical way or in the truthful logical way. You all can get on your knees and beg God-Spirit with words of help, but God is Spirit.
But that being stated, there are human beings who know something about God-Spirit, like the man Jesus and the lady Mary Barker Eddy. And earthly and human problems have to be solved because solving earthly and human problems are part of surviving on planet earth, for the human species and for all other living creatures too, like the fish swimming in the seas, and the trees and plants living on planet earth. Maybe if humans understood more about Spirit, they would not need so much help in the material world of planet earth.
But what about those Ancient Aliens and UFOs, and even modern day UFOs and modern day otherworldly creatures from outer space or from other space-time cosmic dimensions? This is a  serious issue because there are normal people in and out of governments around the world that claim to have seen and who have been in contact with space ships and even seen otherworldly creatures waking on planet earth, as is also on the History Channel and Science Channel.
I actually had a conversation with a 35 year veteran on a ‘police force’ who told me his story of seeing an otherworldly creature in the middle of the night with his backup officer in his own patrol car seeing the same creature which scared them so much when they were located in some farm country on a actual farm that they got back into their patrol cars and they left the scene for their safety. Heck, I do not know if his story is true, but he told it to me.
I will not go into the very long list of the examples that I have heard of in person or on the seeming very serious History and Science Channels and even in books and magazines that I have read, and stuff online like US Air Force fighter pilots witnessing very fact moving objects in earth’s sky. But ‘if there is’ real UFOs which means ‘if there is’ real otherworldly creatures that are not of earth, what does that mean for the so-called Christians and other religions with their religious beliefs and practices? What would happen to their concept of God and religion if otherworldly creature ever popped into the lives of religionists all around the world.
What would happen to all religions and all religious beliefs if it was truly discovered that there are other worldly creatures that are flying around in UFOs above planet earth? What would happen then? If a huge flying saucer appeared above earth’s sky and funny looking or even really dangerous creatures with powerful and deadly weapons appeared from those flying saucers landed on planet earth? What would happen to the Christian religion, the Muslim religion, or any religion? What happen to their beliefs in God in the face of aliens and UFOs?
In a way it would be easy for me! If God is Spirit and if Spirit does not see matter at all, as in it does not see the space-time cosmic universe and all of the living life on planet earth, then what is the problem from God’s, Spirit’s standpoint? But if God-Spirit had an invisible hand in the role of the creation of this space-time cosmic universe with a living planet will all of it earthly creatures, then maybe it had a hand in the creation of otherworldly creatures and UFOS too.
If there is the realty that there are otherworldly creatures or, and here is a very big point, if there are many types of other worldly creatures from real angel like creatures or alien creatures to even creatures that exist in an afterlife, while being stuck on planet earth for some reason, then the human species should awaken from its limited mental dreams of it fake, false, and bogus religious belief systems and it should start to think how it is going to deal with these otherworldly creatures if they in deed do exist.
I think the time has arrived for some very serious thought and discussion about these topics even by the governments of the world to stop hiding any evidence that they may own or may not own about UFOs and aliens from other planets or dimensions if they actually own such evidence. Or maybe even the world’s governments around world have so much evidence relating to aliens and UFOs that they too are so scared of what they might perceive as a threat to the human species. Or maybe no government has no evidence of any aliens and UFOs which is probably not true.
And that would be ok too! As long as Hollywood continues to make good alien movies! I loved watching the movie ‘Battleship.’ I was never in the Navy. I did not want to die in the ocean where my body would be not only lost forever, but I could not get help if I was dying somewhere in the ocean. I always knew that I wanted to die on land where my body could be looked at while my soul or consciousness traveled off to other places in the afterlife.
And really, is that not the most important thing anyway, whether there are otherworldly creatures or not. I always have to deal with me! And just in case you are wondering, sure, I have dealt with otherworldly creatures myself. And sometimes they never seem to leave me alone! Which is ok with me! Usually anyway! There are times when I need to take a shower!

Monday, January 14, 2019


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When I was in college studying International Economics/Finance, I was also wondering how to develop a more powerful brain. So in 2001,I began a very specialized ambidextrous brain exercise program, for two hours per day,for many years. Those brain exercise began with me writing out words,mostly verbs, with both hands in different patterns.That developed into dual handed sentence writing to longer stories and dual handed drawing exercises.Details are for future books.I did these two hour brain workouts as a personal experiment to restructure my brain's neurons for the purpose of making my brain stronger for writing and language development; for logically creative storying writing.As far as I know, I am the only person in the course of history to have developed these ambidextrous hand/brain exercises.The purpose of these ambidextrous brain exercises is to strenghten both sides of the brain for language skills development, and to connect both sides of the brain together for language skills development. There is a very logical neurological reason for using two hands to write and draw as brain exercises. I also draw with both hands. 52 Stories is my testament!