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Friday, May 18, 2018

Is It True? Is The Human Species Partly Insane? Another Day of a Human Being Killing and Murdering Other Human Beings. Another Short Lesson Regarding: The Current and Future Survival of the Human Species. Versus. The Current and Future Survival of the Human Species. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 Is It True?  Is The Human Species Partly Insane?

 Another Day of a Human Being Killing and Murdering Other Human Beings.

 Another Short Lesson Regarding:

 The Current and Future Survival of the Human Species.


 The Current and Future Survival of the Human Species.

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 May 18th, 2018


Any human being on earth cannot help but marvel how it is, in the current age and stage of human development and evolution that more and more human beings are prepared to kill each other with weapons of all sorts, knives, guns, bombs of all sorts including nuclear bombs, but also including their bare hands and feet.  But as the saying goes and which is used by many people during their arguments for their pro-gun stance in America’s political arena, “It is not guns that kill people, it is people that kill people.”

Today, May 18th, 2018, I turned on my 60 inch television to Fox News and to CNN News to learn that “Ten people were killed and 10 others were wounded Friday morning by a teenager with a shotgun and a revolver at a high school in the southeastern Texas city of Santa Fe, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said.”  Taken from the web as a quote.  I changed the tv channel.

Hum!  This problem of young people killing other people reflects a basic issue and problem regarding the current and future survival of the human species versus the current and future self-destruction of the human species.  Obviously this person has many mental issues and mental problems because the very thought of killing any innocent human being, whether it is in America, or in a cage in North Korea, or the slaughter of defenseless people of color in Africa, or the killing of human beings for pleasure by madmen like Genghis Khan, or for other reasons like the killing and murder of millions of people by their own leaders, like Mao, Stalin, Lenin, and of course the madman Hitler.  I hope they all have to answer for their crimes in the afterlife.

Today illustrates and demonstrates an individual human being who obviously with premeditation and planning and with very little training and skill in the use of firearms, walked into a school and held his gun and looked at young living human beings that were breathing and walking like it was another day in school.  Then he, and he alone decided to pull the trigger of the gun that he held in his hand and watched as the bullet hit its target causing a bloody mess, and a bloody death too.  What was going on in his brain, mind, and consciousness?  A lot of violent stuff!

All over the world, all over the planet earth, throughout the course of history, this insane act of killing another human for no good reason has taken place over and over again, in every nation and country on the globe.  Individual human beings have killed and murdered other human beings and the leaders of nations and countries have killed and murdered their own citizens that were also human beings too, with no sense of a guilty conscience.  Just look at Syria and what its leader does to human beings who live in Syria.  And how North Korea’s leader supposedly ordered the murders of kills his own brother and family members for whatever reason; and he is supposed to be trusted with the words that flow out of his mouth about his disarming his nuclear weapons after he has threatened America with bombing the great nation with nuclear weapons of war?  Hum?  "Why oh why?" People ask themselves everyday?  Here is why you wonderers.

The hardwired violent human brain, mind, and consciousness is the aftermath or the result of hundreds of millions of years of primitive animal brain evolution and development.  So it is normal to kill to defend oneself or nation.  There are moments during the course of an individual human life that might have to kill in self-defense, either for themselves, their family members, or for their nation because of many issues too long to list here, but you get the point I hope.

But the soft-wired human brain, mind, and consciousness is the outcome of the conscious and subconscious training of the human brain, mind, and consciousness of human beings killing and murdering other human beings for political reasons, religious reasons, power struggle reasons, and for the sheer enjoyment of killing and murdering other human beings, either in reality or in countless violent movies that always portray a good reason (s) for killing another human being.  And of course, there are always the good guys versus the bad guys who need to be killed for all sorts of reasons.  So the violent hardwired human brain influences the soft-wired human brain, and vice versa.

And when human beings watch those movies it is always a relief to know that the good guy has won the battle of life and death, especially when the cause is good, and the killing is needed to stop the bad guy from living to commit more harm, or stealing, hurting innocent human beings, or whatever the excuse is in any movie or book with that storyline.  Violent movies make a lot of money.  Money is part of the economy.  The economy must continue to be alive and moving.  Most human beings that watch violent movies do not commit murder because of a violent movie.  Those actions start long before they watch violent movies, like how they are raised from the moment of birth to their brain’s developing states and stages throughout their lives.

But for the current and future survival of the human species versus the current and future survival of the human species, something has to change within the individual and collective human brains within each of the billions of human beings and within their collective nations and countries.  Both the long overdue hardwired human brain and the soft-wired human brain must be changed on a global and nationalistic level to ensure that there is never a point either now or in the future that one nation or more than one nation starts another World War or World War III.

Today an individual took the human lives of innocent young human beings.  But millions of human beings have been killed and murdered throughout the course of history.  When will the individual human brain, mind, and consciousness retreat from the mental desire to kill and murder, to do harm to another human being?  But better yet, when will the collective human brain, mind, and consciousness also retreat from the mental desire to kill and murder other human beings?

What is needed is a change in the structure of both the hardwired human brain from the violent tendencies within the human brain after hundreds of millions years of brain development and evolution from the first violent brain to the current human brain.  And what is also needed is a change within the structure of the soft-wired human mind and consciousness that programs itself to believe any type of violence is normal and good.

This change within the structure of the human brain, mind, and consciousness, is needed both individually within the billions of human brains that live on planet earth, and collectively within the whole human species as one state of human consciousness.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to an old-time United States Marine.  He was a marine in the Black Ops department of killing for the United States Marine Corps.  His work was done during the Vietnam War, a war between communist North Vietnam and US-backed South Vietnam.  He stated to me that the Black Ops marines would go into a dictator’s place of residence and tell that dictator, “Because you are burying your own people, most still half alive, in mass graves, we are coming back within 24 hours and we are taking you and your goons out, meaning taking the dictator and his goons off the face of the earth.”

The retired Black Ops guy told me that they first went in with small weapons and then they worked their way up to dropping napalm from airplanes after the marines on the ground had finished with their work.  I asked him if he had any guilt.  He replied, “None whatsoever!  Any dictator who buries his own people in mounds of graves when they are still alive does not deserve to live.”  An act of massive killing to prevent even more massive killing of innocent lives.

So maybe here is the main point.  Neither the dictators who buried their own people half alive  had any sense of guilt for killing and murdering their own people.  And neither did the Black Ops Marines have any guilt for killing those ruthless dictators.  The Black Ops Marines killed for a sense of not only a sense of wartime justice, but also to stop the evil-minded dictators who were killing their own people for the fun of it.  Were not those dictators in a mental state of insanity?

Back to my title.  Is the human species insane for killing members of its own species?

I am betting the everyone who was watching the news on May 18th, 2018, felt some sadness in their being for the death of innocent youngsters?  Yet that has happened throughout the course of the history of the human species.  Now the killer must live with the guilt in his mind, heart, and soul until he dies, as he walks back and forth in his cage which he will never leave until he dies.

How is the collective human species going to live with itself if it insanely destroys itself with massive collective acts of say, nuclear violence?  That is correct!  There could be nobody around to feel the guilt when the self-destruction of the human species could have been avoided!  All that is needed before it is too late for the human species during its own path toward self-destruction is a change in the structure of the human brain, mind, and consciousness!  Sure, like that is going to be an easy thing to do, before it is too late!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Human Species Compared to The Ant Species. A Short Lesson Regarding: The Current and Future Survival of the Human Species. Versus. The Current and Future Self-Destruction of the Human Species. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 The Human Species Compared to The Ant Species.
 A Short Lesson Regarding:

 The Current and Future Survival of the Human Species.
 The Current and Future Self-Destruction of the Human Species.

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!
 May 16th, 2018

A bigger online lecture/essay regarding this issue is at the link below.
( )

There are billions of human beings who are currently living on planet earth.  There is one common trait among every human being and that common trait is that every individual human being among the billions of human beings are all trying to survive and they are all trying to survive with a basic and common human brain, mind, and consciousness.  That is what is common among all of those billions of human beings who are trying to survive on the blue planet earth.  The one thing that is a common factor for each human being is that they all possess a human brain under their skull.  Each human brain is partly an individual human brain and each individual human brain is attached to the collective human brain species, just like an ant colony.
An ant colony has hundreds, thousands, maybe even more than thousands of ants that are individual ants, but they are all connected to the ant colony to serve the main purpose which is to survive as an ant colony.  And the ants who live within the ant colony knows this fact too.  Each individual ant knows that it needs its ant colony to survive if that each individual ant is to survive at all.  Each individual ant knows that it cannot survive by itself.  Each individual ant and each individual ant colony in every country around the world, in every specific locality, in every city or town, in every backyard, in every forest and in every wildlife habitat and habitation all around the planet earth knows this fact as an ingrained specific tiny ant mentality.  Hum!
How does an ant colony species compare to the human species with its much bigger and better brain, mind, and consciousness?  Well, for one thing, that is part of the problem.  The human species with its much bigger and the better human brain does indeed, possess a much bigger and better brain.  The tiny ant brain knows it needs to survive and it knows that its own collective ant species needs to survive too.  So why cannot the human species with its much bigger and better human brain realize that it needs each individual human brain within the collective human brain species to help the collective human species survive too?
It has been written somewhere that the human brain is sort of a confused human brain.  Meaning it has too much going on inside each individual human brain while it is trying to survive in a very complex world, and that applies to the collective human brain too.
The ant brain does not have a two-sided brain with right-brain functions with art awareness, creativity, imagination, intuition, insight, holistic thought, music awareness, 3-D forms, and left-hand control.
Nor does the ant brain does not have a two-sided brain with left brain functions with analytic thought, logic, language, reasoning, science and math, writing and number skill functions and right-hand control.
But  “Experts estimate that an ant brain contains about 250,000 brain cells. That number pales in comparison to the human brain, which is believed to contain over 86 billion neurons. However, for the ant, its brain is quite powerful. Ants are widely considered to be the smartest insect in the world.”  Taken from the web.
So here is the main question that I have been pondering ever since I was a little boy, (or a man in a boy’s body) and I now ponder as an adult man constantly throughout the course of my daily affairs, why is it that the human species as individual human brains, minds, and states of consciousness is not more like the individual ant brain and ant colony, with its will to survive and more importantly here, with its will not to self-destroy itself?
My guess is that every human being with a knowledgeable brain, mind, and common sense human consciousness regarding the current condition of the world, earth, life on earth, including but especially the human species, knows that the human species could destroy itself really fast with a possible nuclear war, and a bit more slowly with other external factors and conditions.
Just like how the ant that knows something about its own survival, each human being actually knows inside their very brain, if not inside their very gut, that something is wrong with the human species, which could hinder it from surviving one hundred years down the road of human time, not to mention one thousand years down the road of human time.
So what is it going to be for the human species?  Take a lesson from the ant and the ant colony and start to think about the current and future survival of the human species or just simply perish with the way things are going currently, which will impact the future survival of the human species or the self-destruction of the human species.
Believe it or not, the current and future survival of the human species begins within the structure of the human brain, mind, and consciousness.  That is the place where the problem is hidden.
There a quote in the Bible’s book of Jeremiah that states, The Promise of Knowing God.
“For they shall all know me, from the least to the greatest,” says the Lord. They shall know me. No longer shall they not know me. No longer shall they wonder who I am.  Jeremiah 31:31-34
Maybe it is about time that the human species as both individual human brains, and as a collective species get its act together about what God is as a true religion, and also start to know that from the least of them to the greatest of the human species, a real change is needed within the structure of  the human brain, mind, consciousness, and within the very heart of every human being for the current and future survival of the human species.
The ants may not know anything about God, religion, metaphysics, or any of the humanly known topics, which of course, neither do most human beings either.  But a good lesson for the human species is to take a lesson from the ants.  If you do not know anything about the ‘God” then at least start to worry about your own survival as a collective human species, before it is too late.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Best Wrong Phone Number I, ( Milton ) Ever Dialed. How to Say Goodbye to a Dying Spouse. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr

 The Best Wrong Phone Number I, ( Milton ) Ever Dialed.

 This story is based on a wrong phone call I received today from a man named Milton.

 How to Say Goodbye to a Dying Spouse.

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 May 10th, 2018

The link to my online lecture/essay on the afterlife is here below.

(  )

I was finished with some business I had to deal with and I looked at my computer screen and I was wondering to myself, “Well I have some free time, what should I write about today for my blogs and my personal online social media sites, and for my viewers to read?”  Like a God or an angel was listening somehow, I got my story within minutes and I did not even have to pick my brain for a good story to write for my readers to read.

So I hope you all like and learn from my story today.  And I hope it touches your heart, soul, mind, and more importantly, how you say goodbye to a loved one when they are dying in a hospital bed in a hospital room.  This is an event that happens everyday, so listen up!  Or read up!

There it was again, the phone ringing off the hook, with its really cool musical tunes and/or beeps that are a pleasure to listen to, even if I did not want to deal with those annoying robotic phone calls from people who want money for something or from people trying to offer you a good vacation in a shabby motels with no good swimming pool.

“Joel, I really need to talk to you.  Something serious has happened really bad.  Donna has died.”
I listened to those words and my own red alert angel status was now on full alert.  Every fiber in my being was now focused on the phone call and the man who was on the verge of crying, well it sounded like he had been crying for a week, and it sounded like he was ready to cry again, all the while trying to hold back from balling his eyes out with tears of sadness.

“I am not Joel and I am really sorry for your loss, even though I do not know you.  Do you want to talk about it?  I know a few things about dying and the afterlife.  Maybe I could help you now.”  I told him.  Joel is the cousin of Milton.

There was a slight pause on the phone as I waited for his response.  “Sure he said.  I could use  some help now.”

“Ok, I said.  Let us talk for a few minutes.  (The conversation was more like an hour.)
Milton started to explain to me how his wife had died only a week ago from a severe infection, (probably sepsis)  The doctor had called Milton on the telephone to tell him, “I can not save your wife.  She will die very soon.  Come over to the hospital now to say your last goodbyes.”

Milton, like countless other husbands and wife too, etc., knew the moment of dying and death was going to arrive and it did arrive.  The only thing to do was take a quick shower, put on some clean clothes, and drive to the hospital as fast as he could before it was too late, meaning before she stopped breathing.  Walking through those hospital doors, signing in, and staying focused, Milton took the elevator up to the floor and room where his dying wife laid in a hospital bed.  In truth, he had no idea what he wanted to say to her, but he did know how bad he wanted to be with her so she could die in his arms.  Milton did not want his wife to die alone.  He loved her!

There was Donna, after 26 years of marriage, slowing letting go of her human biological life.
Milton walked over to her and the doctor was very correct.  He could see the life that was once in Donna’s eyes slowly slipping away forever from this life and world on planet earth.  He told me that they had been married for 26 years and that he had idolized from the very moment they had met over 26 years ago.  But now that was all coming to a rather quickly long end after a rather long battle with her biological body’s condition.

Milton was now 73 years old and he knew that one day he would die too, just like all of us, or rather like most of you human beings.

Milton sat down on the chair by the hospital bed and he reached out and held her hand.
Donna said to Milton, “Well, it has been a good life, my dear.  You have been a good husband.  I love you, you know.  But it has to end sometime.  It was a good life and now maybe I will get to see our loved ones on the other side of this world.”

Milton’s tears ran down his face, like any normal husband’s tears because his wife’s human life was now coming to an end.  The words poured into his mind and he said to his dying wife Donna, “I love you more today than I have ever loved you before.”  Milton told me that those were the last words he spoke to her before she died.

But she got the last word in that conversation.  She said to him, “Give me one last kiss for eternity.”  And as Milton kissed Donna one last time, he felt her hand go limp with lifelessness.

And for a week, Milton was a lost soul, not knowing what to believe in regarding life and death.
Until Milton made a wrong phone to me.  I told Milton about my online lecture on the afterlife.
( )

And then I told him a few facts about the afterlife.  Like how after the human biological body was dead, that the human consciousness can slip out of the human biological body to other immaterial realms of existence.  You see my dear readers, the main job of the human man named Jesus was to demonstrate and show that life is eternal, and death is the mortal illusion.

You can have eternal life too.  So all of you human beings better prepare for the afterlife, before it is too late.  How?  For starters, read my online lecture about the afterlife.

( )

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A United States of America President and A Promiscuous Woman. By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 A United States of America President and A Promiscuous Woman.

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe., Jr!

 May 8th, 2018.

This is a very common story throughout the ages of human existence.  A rich horny male and a loose female who has sex for money meet one night when they are young, or in this case, middle age, and then they have sex because they both know that is what they wanted in the first place.  So what?  Really, who cared back then, over ten years ago or even longer.  Who cares now?  Nobody would care now except the whore wants everyone to know that she had sex with a stranger who had money.  Does anyone really ever care about another person’s sex life?  Not me!

One time sex.  It was probably bad and lousy and unsatisfactory sex.  But most definitely, useless and worthless sex.  It did not last long at all, in all likelihood.  What a waste of human motion.

So what is the problem here, back then over ten years ago.  The problem is that the rich man did not know he would be president of the United States of America one day, and neither did the promiscuous woman who has exposed herself, I mean her biological body, but what the heck, her mind too, on social media as a female porn star who has any type of sex with any stranger for a buck, or maybe for free too.  Talk about having no sexual self-respect for herself.

Again, what is the problem, now in the current time period of 2018?  The current problem is that the rich male became president of the United States of America, and the trollop woman is still a money seeking sexually loose female who is still probably having sex with countless strangers, or at least she is still in the sex industry somehow trying to earn money from the sex industry.

Hum?  The president wakes up every morning, if he can even go to sleep with all of the countless problems that beset him from all around the globe, and oh yes, in America too.  Let me mention some of the problems here, just for some clarification.  First of all, he is trying to make America great again, or at least he thought he could make America great again by bringing back jobs to America.  Just the fact that he stated his goal of bringing jobs back to America must have sparked a few business minds to do just that, for the good of America’s economy and the America people.

Oh, then there is the problem of the global nuclear threat from America’s enemies all around the globe.  Then there are all of the nationalistic problems, like America versus China, Russian, North Korea, etc, etc, etc.  Then there are constant relatively smaller problems that America’s president must face every day, in America and around the globe.  The list could go on and on.

What does the promiscuous woman have to deal every day?  Who will be the next person she has sex with, or at the very least, who is she going to pay to be in a sex film?  Oh, I did not forget.  One of her problems every day is to prove she had sex with a guy over ten years ago, and to take pleasure in trying to disgrace him by reminding the American people that she is proud to have her sexually covered face on the news, or on webs pages, or on the cover of newspapers and magazines.  Hum?
Let us take a look into the minds, or the psychological makeup of these two individual states of the human mind, or consciousness, and even delving into the very neurons of their human brains, although I really will not be trying to describe their brain’s neurons here.

The rich man actually had to work for a living, building up his business from the money his dad left him after his dad died.  The rich man had to deal with changing economic condition, and with local, state, and federal laws.  He had to deal with a lot of stuff.  He was responsible for the wages for countless of his employees around the globe, which means he was indirectly responsible for their families too.  He was not a perfect human being.  He had flaws.

The promiscuous woman was making money by having sex with strange men in adult films, along with having sex with females, sex toys, gang sex, etc, etc, etc.  She did not care about her own sexual morals, nor of her personal human identity, nor of what the world thought about her, nor about her brain and spiritual life which by now she is probably devoid of any spiritual life at this point in her human life.  Her brain was stuck about thinking about being a purely sexual being.

Ok, some males and females live and then die being only a sexual being in their temporary human lives while other human beings strive to be more than just a sexual human being before they die.  Most human beings probably have some sex, have a baby, or whatever and they say to themselves, ok, enough is enough.  I know how to have sex.  It is not that hard of an act or acts to figure out, but there are better things to do with my time and with my life.  Like studying the Bible, history, music, astrophysics, or trying to heal some sickness, or just trying to stay alive long enough to get old.  I bet that most old people would rather enjoy a good meal instead of sex.

Or having a real productive job, like being a school teacher, a fireman, a good, not a bad police officer, a doctor, a lawyer, and of course, the list is really long, but you get the point, I hope!   Starring in an adult sex film is not on the list of jobs most normal people would consider for a job, for all sorts of reasons.

Here is a really good question for the America people.  Are you tired of seeing a whore, a slut, a porn adult ‘sex film’ actress and her dirty lawyer every day on the news or on the world wide web, or in newspapers and magazines trying to destroy an American president whose main objective was to make America Great Again when he ran for president?  He did not need the job.  He probably wishes now that he never ran for president.  But he has the job now.  Some respect?

There is an old saying.  “Respect the uniform.”  Even if you do not like who is wearing the uniform.  Our current president deserves some respect from the American people, even if you do not like him as a person, or as a human being.  The current president deserves some respect from a  promiscuous female whom he may or may not have had sex with over ten years ago.  Who cares?

After all, the current president is still trying to do a good job, for everyone who lives in America and around the world too.  That includes the promiscuous woman who has no respect for herself.  She will go down in history as a selfish, petty, nobody; while the president will go down in history as a leader of the United States of America.  It is to bad the Secret Service cannot protect the president from the media.  Maybe the media should respect that fact too because his job as president of the United States of America is not finished yet!

Over two thousand years ago, supposedly there was a man named Jesus who said to a prostitute, “Your sins are forgiven.  Go and sin no more.”

If Jesus the Christ was alive today, oh heck, I will say it for him.  He might, and I would say to the promiscuous prostitute woman who has no respect for herself or the president, “Leave the president alone.  He has a much bigger job than you which is being a sex toy.  His job is to help America and the world in any way he can.  And who knows, one day he might save your ass too, but probably not your soul.  It might be too late for that.  But who knows.  Maybe one day you will save your own soul before you die.”

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How to Perform CPR video

Cindy Learns and Uses CPR and ECC. And She Saves a Human Life Too. And So Can You Too! By: Mr. George D. Patnoe ., Jr!

 Cindy Learns and Uses CPR and ECC.  And She Saves a Human Life Too.

 And So Can You Too!

 By: Mr. George D. Patnoe ., Jr!

 May 2nd, 2018

 CPR is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and ECC is Emergency Cardiovascular Care
I met Cindy in a grocery store only a few nights ago.  She could not be but be overtaken by my good looks and personal charisma which radiates the magical qualities that are rooted deep in my personal consciousness.  ( I just kill myself. ) She was with a female friend and they both said out loud to each other, “What a nice pair of jeans.”  I responded with, “How about my butt?” as I turned around and slapped my butt, just for laughs.  You had to be there to understand how funny it was in real time.  FYI, the jeans were like over tens years old and I informed the two ladies that I had bought them at the warehouse store, Costco.  
Anyway, we started up a conversation which ended up with Cindy almost at the edge of tears and me hugging her right there in the store aisle because she was going to start sobbing if I had not reached out and hugged her, even though I had no idea why she was on the edge of sobbing her guts out in front of me, a complete and utter stranger.  I then asked her what was wrong and she responded with, “Oh I can not talk about it in front a complete stranger.”  Ok. So we ended the conversation, mainly because her friend was forcing Cindy to leave, which was good for me too since I was a bit confused about the situation.  I gave Cindy my personal card.
The next day, Cindy calls me up on the telephone and she starts a conversation with me.  She needed someone to talk and for good reason too.  You must understand my dear readers, Cindy explains to me that she had been an X-Ray Technician for 22 years and she was really good at her job too, which is why she continued to have a job for 22 years.  Of course, she had to deal with a lot of situations regarding human biological bodies for those 22 years, but that was her job.  Maybe some of those human bodies were very close to dying or were dying, but there was still hope for them I would guess if they were in the x-ray machine.  I do not think Cindy ever had to deal with a dying or a dead human biological body during her 22 years in her job as an x-ray technician, from how she explained it all to me.
Until two days before she met me!  She was in her shared apartment when a male dropped to the floor and he was dying, and in all manner of speaking, he was already dead, even by her description of the man lying on her floor, except for the slight possibility that Cindy could help him live another day.  There were only two things Cindy knew to do at that time.
The first thing was to call 911 for real emergency help and then start CPR.  She told me that his skin was already getting hard and this breathing had stopped.  He was basically a goner.  But Cindy got down on her knees and started the seemingly long process of one breath and five pumps on the man’s chest with her two hands grasped together.  She never gave up trying to save his life.
Eventually, the firemen/paramedics arrived and she said they worked on that guy for 45 minutes before they transported him to the hospital for better help.  The outcome was that the man lived and every professional told Cindy that she was the hero for knowing CPR and then using CPR and never giving up until the paramedics arrived to do a better job of saving the guy’s life.
I called Cindy today and she is doing much better thank you, George.  But seriously, I was only watching a television show two days before I met Cindy, and an actor was performing CPR on another actor in the television show, and it looked so fake.  It got me to thinking back to my swimming lessons and my lifeguard training, and my first CPR class.
My mind was racing around in my memories long ago forgotten about how my lessons in CPR and how I have never had to use CPR on anyone, especially if they had a dirty mouth and bad breath.  Maybe I will take another CPR course just in case I need to use CPR until the paramedics show up, and maybe you should too.  After all, it may be a loved one, meaning someone in your family that may need CPR from you to save his or her life. 
Of course, while I was giving CPR to a human biological body that seemed to be dying in front of my very eyes, I would be raising my consciousness up to the level of knowing that the real man is an idea within the divine Mind or Intelligence, on another level of consciousness that is, and that the real man was never born into a human biological body which means that the real man of God can never die because he was never born into a human body.
The lesson here is that you do not need to be a Jesus or even a paramedic to a save a life what might be worth saving.  All you might need is one class in CPR and you too, could save a human life!

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When I was in college studying International Economics/Finance, I was also wondering how to develop a more powerful brain. So in 2001,I began a very specialized ambidextrous brain exercise program, for two hours per day,for many years. Those brain exercise began with me writing out words,mostly verbs, with both hands in different patterns.That developed into dual handed sentence writing to longer stories and dual handed drawing exercises.Details are for future books.I did these two hour brain workouts as a personal experiment to restructure my brain's neurons for the purpose of making my brain stronger for writing and language development; for logically creative storying writing.As far as I know, I am the only person in the course of history to have developed these ambidextrous hand/brain exercises.The purpose of these ambidextrous brain exercises is to strenghten both sides of the brain for language skills development, and to connect both sides of the brain together for language skills development. There is a very logical neurological reason for using two hands to write and draw as brain exercises. I also draw with both hands. 52 Stories is my testament!